Church Acoustics

Basic Concepts

Along with the manufacturing and sales of acoustical products, ASC offers a $300 initial RT-60 analysis to help customers select and use our products effectively. This service will give you a Technical Report and Reverberation Analysis and can be applied to the final purchase of an acoustic package. Additional services include:

• RT-60 Testing

Every church should have a baseline RT-60 measurement on file. This measurement is used by all sound professionals, A/V installers, etc. A new RT-60 measurement should be taken after every remodel or alteration to the Sanctuary. Even a new paint job can alter this important measurement. We'll provide complete RT-60 charts and data summary. Cost: $300 

• Recommended Acoustic Absorption Report

After the RT-60 analysis data is collected, ASC compares it to the church floorplan. We'll run the calculations to determine how many Sabins of absorption will be required to bring the RT-60 down to acceptable levels. The generated report lists how many square feet of acoustic absorption panels are needed. While this is not church voicing, it is useful information in the budgeting and fund-raising process. Cost: $300

• Sanctuary Acoustic Design

This is the process of voicing your church Sanctuary based on the needs of your congregation. This process takes the previously gathered test data to the next level by generating an acoustic placement plan with drawings and cost break downs. ASC's engineering department interfaces directly with your building committee to arrive at the best possible acoustic plan. Cost: $1000

• Whole Church Pre-Construction Plan Review

This service is for new church construction before building begins, while the project is in the planning stage. Our licensed Acoustic Engineer will review the plans and generate a detailed acoustic report with recommendations and a full acoustic plan. ASC Engineering department will interface directly with your builder, architect and building committee to address acoustic issues throughout the entire church design. The key benefit here is that we catch problems before they happen, saving time and money down the road. Cost: $3000

• Consulting By The Hour

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed and confused about acoustics for your church? ASC has the answer. Hire our Engineering Department by the hour to answer all your questions. We've been improving church sound for over 25 years, and have dealt with many of the issues unique to churches. The hourly fee for this service is $80-198/hour depending on complexity