Pete Droge

Pete Droge walking in fieldEngineer and musician Pete Droge of Puzzle Tree Music relies on ASC products to get the job done, especially the AttackWall for his mixing station. Situated on pristine Vashon Island in Washington state, the full service studio also has TubeTraps ready to go in the live room.

“The best thing for me is the versatility. I’ve got as many as 16 roving StudioTraps available that I can use on a case by case basis: like making a Quick Sound Field for cutting vocals, or carefully placing them around my drum kit to control things like early reflections of the snare bottom on my bamboo floor. It’s also great having one side that absorbs and another that diffuses. By just spinning traps around I can fine tune liveness. I’m a total believer in TubeTraps… I know they work.”

“Then, when mix time comes, I switch gears and bring the traps into my control room and create a true AttackWall around my desk. This is where StudioTraps really shine. Without a doubt, the biggest improvement I’ve made to my studio is pulling the trigger on the ASC 20″ MonitorStands, coupled with the purchase of my Adam S3As.

“I had high hopes for what these bass traps would do to improve my monitoring, and they completely blew away my expectations. It was truly staggering. Since getting them, I have been spending way more time listening to music for the sheer pleasure of it. I can tune into the low end on records that I have loved my whole life and enjoy hearing things I had never heard clearly before.”

Pete has produced two of his own albums as well as numerous others, most notably for Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard. He’s mounted tours with Tom Petty, Neil Young, and Dixie Chicks, appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Jon Stewart Show.

Winner Best Documentary San Fransisco International Asian American Film Festival 2012Soundtrack for Winning Documentary Mixed at the AttackWall

Glimpse Pete Droge in action at the AttackWall in this video featuring music from the film, A Lot Like You. Droge played and produced the soundtrack in his studio, Puzzle Tree Music.

Winner Best Documentary San Fransisco International Asian American Film Festival 2012
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