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If I could go back in time to 20 years ago when I first started engineering, I would not buy a single piece of gear until I had an AttackWall.
Youtube Discussion

Gregory Scott of Kush Audio is a fan of the AttackWall. Here’s some of what he says about this world-class mixing environment.

Gearslutz, Oct 2013

Get the wall.

The wall will give you a tightness and quickness most people have never experienced, which is why it’s so hard to describe. But once you taste it, there’s no going back.

I’ve not ever heard a sub-million dollar room that sounds as tight as mine does now. Not even close, actually, and the level it allows me to work at has outstripped anything any piece of gear has ever done by a canyon-esque margin.

Do yourself a favor, it will up your game on every conceivable level.

Pensado’s Students video, April 2014

If I could go back in time to twenty years ago when I first started engineering, I would not buy a single piece of gear until I had an AttackWall. If I had to choose between all the equipment in my studio right now, all this lovely hardware, and my plugins and all that stuff, or the AttackWall, I would choose the AttackWall.

I would rather mix in the box with stock plugins and the AttackWall than have all the analog gear in the world and be sitting in an untreated or partially treated room without this AttackWall. Because it’s the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to a million dollar acoustic space inside a bedroom.

Facebook, July 2013

Two words: “Attack Wall”

(google it if you don’t know, trust me).

Got mine, I am speechless. I’ll be following up soon with some pix of my newly configured space, and will share my thoughts on what this bizarre looking cluster of tube traps is doing to my room’s acoustics, the sounds that result from tracking in the Quick Sound Field, and my ability to hear the most microscopic, lightning fast, accurate picture of transient details that I’ve ever heard anywhere…and I’ve been in some ridiculously expensive rooms!

Pensado’s Students video, April 2014

It acoustically decouples you from the rest of the room around you to a very large degree. So if your room is muddy and tubby and boomy and harsh and echoic or whatever, the AttackWall sort of wraps around you and insulates you from that to an extraordinary degree.

In my experience, in a small, funky little bedroom like I’m in right now, which is 9 1/2 x 10 feet, it will clean up about 75% of all the issues in the room…

The quality and craftmanship is there 100%.

It will change your life.

You will mix faster and easier. Your mixes will be so much clearer…you will suddenly become twenty times the engineer you ever thought you were because all the things you thought you sucked at you realize, ‘oh wait a minute, it wasn’t me, it was my acoustic space.’ It was what I was hearing, there is no way I could mix a tighter low end, but then you have these traps in place and you realize, ‘oh.’

You listen to all your old tracks and you wince. You’re like, ‘oh, my God,’ because now you know, not only that something is wrong, but you recognize exactly what is wrong, and you know exactly what you should do about it. So it can be a painful experience the first time you sit at an AttackWall and listen to your music, but from that point forward, life gets a lot easier, and more enjoyable.

Gregory Scott (ubk) on the AttackWall


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