Gary Lux

Until forming his own independent recording company in 1988, Gary Lux was the head music mixer for Universal Studios. He has two Emmy Award nominations for his work with The Jacksons and Frank Sinatra. Gary is a fan of TubeTraps and the AttackWall.

Gary Lux, emmy Nominated Recording Engineer“We’ve all been chasing room acoustics forever. Most of us have resorted to using near field speaker systems to compensate for the effect of the room. Regardless, it seems that the room always comes into play and we just can’t figure out whether it’s the speakers or the room that’s impacting the mix.”

“I’ve been using TubeTraps and the AttackWall environment for years. It consistently allows me to mix with the same, incredible accuracy wherever I go or whatever I mix. Tubetraps allow you to create an environment that’s really accurate, condusive, and eliminates all of the extraneous reflections and noises. The AttackWall environment has solved a huge problem in what we hear… I am supremely confident in the translation of every mix!”

Gary Lux is one of Hollywood’s premier music mixers, with literally thousands of projects to his credit. As a thirty-five year music industry veteran, Mr. Lux holds a sterling reputation within the industry for musical excellence and for accomplishing high volume projects on time, and within budget, all while maintaining the integrity of musicianship and quality that the industry requires. With Gary Lux, high output and time pressure does not lead to a sacrifice of standard. As a result, his services are continually in high demand.

Gary has worked with a wide array of diverse talents, such as:

  • Janet Jackson
  • Keith Urban
  • Usher
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Sting
  • Rod Stewart
  • Earth Wind & Fire
  • Colbie Caillat
  • Amanda Ply


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