TubeTrap products are built using our Patented Generation 2 - Iso Thermal technology* 


*exceptions: StudioTraps, QuarterRounds, and HalfRounds (by request only)

Better Room Acoustics

The Original Music-Range Bass Trap with a Built-In Treble-Range Diffuser

Here is the TubeTrap, our corner-loaded bass trap with a built-in treble range diffuser. TubeTraps were developed for audio powered music in smaller rooms; high end listening rooms, home theaters and recording studios. TubeTraps absorb unwanted bass range reflections and reverberation. At the same time they backscatter and diffuse the more desirable treble range reflections.

Their cylinder shape provides the structural rigidity and internal air cavity necessary to absorb sound in the low frequency range. It’s their diameter, not length, that determines how deep into the bass range they can absorb. Because TubeTraps are “impedance-matched” to sound, they are fast-acting bass traps. Unlike slow acting membrane and resonator bass traps, TubeTraps handle musical transients just as easily as they handle sustains. TubeTraps transform room acoustics into an unforgettably articulate and dynamic musical bass line.


  • HiFi Listening Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theaters


Hand made in Eugene, Oregon, USA, TubeTraps are designed to give our customers the room acoustics they need. We pride ourselves in providing:
  • A smoother listening experience
  • Bass absorption between 55 Hz and 250 Hz
  • Treble diffusion or absorption 250 hz and above
  • Great for reducing unwanted bass boom in the corners of your room
  • Availability in a variety of sizes, each with their own absorptive properties
  • 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Sturdy hand crafted construction

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Art Noxon, Inventor of the TubeTrap and Founder of ASC explains the TubeTrap and how they work:

How It Works

TubeTraps, the original, archetypal bass trap, dating back to 1984, are set up in the corners of the room where they act like sonic shock absorbers. TubeTraps eliminate excessive build-up of bass energy in the room while their built-in diffusers minimize flutter echo by horizontally scattering mid-high frequency sounds to provide fine grained lateral ambience.

The TubeTrap was developed using acoustical engineering principles and voiced by the consensus of "golden ear" audiophiles and engineers.  It was the first full bandwidth sound absorber/diffuser (abfuser) and has become synonymous with quality listening and performing spaces.  TubeTraps quickly became the worldwide defining icon of high performance audio room acoustics, and remain so to this day.

TubeTraps are used to make music from the beginning to the end of the audio chain.  In the recording studio, TubeTraps are used to control the acoustics that surround the talent and mic during the creation of audio tracks.  Next in the process, TubeTraps work to create crystal clear mixing environments.  After that, TubeTraps are used to create the perfectly translatable acoustic environment needed for song and album mastering.


Sonic Benefits 

The TubeTrap is designed to absorb sound energy when in the presence of bass range sound pressure.  The higher the pressure, the more energy is absorbed. Bass pressure is 4 to 8 times stronger in the corners of the room than away from the corners.  TubeTraps are usually stacked floor-to-ceiling in columns in all four corners of the typical audio room. Each corner acts like a giant megaphone in reverse, compressing incoming sound waves into the narrow volume at the root of each corner of the room. This corner compression of bass waves creates the perfect location for a pressure zone bass trap: the TubeTrap.



ASC has been and continues to be the sole manufacturer of TubeTraps since their inception in 1984.  TubeTraps, other bass traps and a wide assortment of over 100 specialty audio acoustic products and devices can be purchased factory direct.

Every standard TubeTrap comes with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

We manufacture a wide variety of TubeTraps and every one of them is hand made by hand in our own 10,000 sqft workshop in Eugene, Oregon. Each product is air tight and fiber sealed and fits an exact acoustic and physical specification.


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In addition to the wide variety of standard TubeTraps available, we provide an even wider variety of modified TubeTraps. Some modifications are superficial, belonging only to the appearance of the TubeTrap. Other modifications are internal, in which case they are fit with some sort of performance enhancing feature.

It is not unusual for a room corner to be acute or obtuse. QuarterRound TubeTraps can be altered to accommodate such situations.  Fractional TubeTrap (HalfRound and QuarterRound) end caps can also be installed at various angles so the units can be butted together to follow an irregular wall shape.  TubeTrap technology can be used to create "black acoustics" of nearly any shape, to be hidden behind stretch fabric, furnishings, or any other out-of-sight location which is also a high sound pressure zone.

We often add absorption enhancing elements inside what appears to be an ordinary TubeTrap.  The most common upgrade along this line is the SuperTrap,  where the operational volume of the TubeTrap is increased by 33%. This modification extends the roll off frequency of the TubeTrap ½ octave lower, and is available in all diameter models of TubeTraps.


BUY NOW (Isothermal Model, 3' height)


Full Rounds* Sized up to: 2′ 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ 8′
9″ (110 Hz) $380 $472 $498 For Long TubeTraps, please call for availability and price.
11″ (90 Hz) $386 $488 $512
13″ (70 Hz) $462 $518 $542
16″ (55 Hz) $594 $648 $688
20″ (40 Hz) $718 $764 $854
24″ (25 Hz) $859 $918 $1046
  (ship via truck freight)