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The "Original" TubeTrap

All "Original" TubeTraps are nominally 3 feet in length.

Diameter Range Shipping Quantity MSRP
11″ Broadband: 90 Hz & above 2 per box $836 / pair
13″ Broadband: 70 Hz & above 2 per box $936 / pair
16″ Broadband: 55 Hz & above 1 per box $549 / each

A Note from ASC's Founder

The original TubeTrap dates back to 1984, manufactured by ASC and distributed thru Monster Cable to recording studios and high-end audio dealers.  It was the first factory built corner-loaded bass trap, and it even came with a built-in treble range diffuser. 

When subwoofers began to extend audio into the deep bass range, we had to expand the size of the TubeTrap to keep up. This led to many mechanical / acoustic changes to the interior of the TubeTrap, resulting in increased manufacturing complexity, weight and cost.  

We've recently decided to revive our original TubeTrap production line and distribute these more affordable TubeTraps through authorized hifi and pro audio dealers.  

~Arthur Noxon