The PlanarTrap: A Freestanding Acoustic Component

The PlanarTrap is a freestanding acoustic room component designed to control strong boundary reflections off side, front and back walls - while also providing an added degree of low frequency bass absorption. A free-standing absorber, combined with a poly-diffusive back panel is ideal for controlling strong boundary reflections off walls, windows & doors.

Use at key reflection points along the side, front and back walls. Or, position to the sides of the listening area to calm-down the the key listening zone.

Also, can be used in asymetrical rooms to help bring balance to the listening area.

  • Set in front of Hallways to knock down 'hollow-cavern' honky effects
  • Create symmetry in L-Shape rooms by creating a temporary wall / boundary.

PlanarTraps Are Useful For

  • Hi-End Audio Listening Rooms
  • As Recording Studio GoBo's / Acoustic Screens
  • Live Sound Applications

Legacy Product

This is a legacy/specialty product, not part of our standard line. Please contact us for more info.