The PlanarTrap: A Freestanding Acoustic Component

The PlanarTrap is a freestanding acoustic room component designed to control strong boundary reflections off side, front and back walls - while also providing an added degree of low frequency bass absorption. A free-standing absorber, combined with a poly-diffusive back panel is ideal for controlling strong boundary reflections off walls, windows & doors.

The first ASC flat panel product able to be used to absorb crosstalk reflections and scatter near wall reflections. Improve imaging clarity while adding ambience and stage width.

Planar Traps can be put to great use in asymmetrical rooms to help bring balance to the listening area.

  • Set in front of Hallways to knock down 'hollow-cavern' honky effects
  • Create symmetry in L-Shape rooms by creating a temporary wall / boundary.

PlanarTraps Are Useful For

  • Hi-End Audio Listening Rooms
  • Audio Mastering Rooms
  • As Recording Studio GoBo's / Acoustic Screens
  • Live Sound Applications



  • call for current pricing and availability. 1-800-ASC-TUBE