OfficeQuiet System

With OfficeQuiet System, productivity goes up as noise goes down.

Office spaces present unique problems in the vocal frequencies.

At ASC we have taken the approach that these problems can be solved aesthetically without taking up valuable floor and wall space.

The ASC OfficeQuiet System is the perfect solution to provide superior acoustics to your office space

The QuietOffice System is Ideal For

  • Open Office Floor Plans
  • Cubile Privacy
  • Confidentiality Concerns
  • Call Centers

By addressing the proper acoustic treatment at interior partition walls or cubicles in an open floor plan, unwanted noise can be dissipated to achieve comfortable sound levels for your work environment.

Using the ASC Office Quiet System, sound within the office unit (cubicle) is reflected back to reinforce speech, while sound that leaks out is reduced to help eliminate background noise and keep a "private" feeling for your work space.


  • Easy Installation
  • Custom Fit To Any Match Any Floor Plan
  • Retrofit To Existing Lights Or Ventilation
  • Fabric Finished And Unfinished Versions Available
  • Variety Of Fabric Colors Available

The QuietOffice System is custom designed and fabricated for each project

It is available direct from ASC

Call us at:  541-343-9727

Legacy Product

This is a legacy/specialty product, not part of our standard line. Please contact us for more info.