MATT Test™ Analysis

The objective of performing the MATT test in your listening room is to determine where you might move your speakers, listening position, and/or where to add acoustic treatment to your room to obtain the highest quality sound possible from the components in your listening environment.

How fast is your room? Most audiophiles know how loud they can play their room before it begins to breakup. Even the speakers have a breakup threshold, above which we begin to hear cone breakup and box buzz. The MATT test is an easy way to ring out your room without risking doing damage to structure or gear due to sustained power at one frequency. At lower sound levels it checks out the room acoustic part of your listening experience, sorting out clear dynamic bandwidths from blured bandwidths.

How It Works

ASC will analyze your MATT Test data and make suggestions to help you deal with acoustic weaknesses in your room. You provide us with a recording of the MATT Test in your room and we'll take it from there.

Running the MATT Test

See The MATT Test page.



What does the test tell me?

The MATT test provides two pieces of information: how loud the sound is and how articulate the sound is. The maximum readout on the sound level meter during a tone burst is an indication, in decibels, of how loud your system is at that frequency. The difference in readout between the highest and lowest swing of the needle during a tone burst tells us how articulate the sound is at that frequency. Generally speaking, you can follow the following table to determine how articulate your sound is at various frequencies.

  • 15dB swing - excellent
  • 10dB swing - good
  • 5 dB swing - fair
  • 3 dB swing - poor
  • 1 db swing - bad

The MATT Test is Designed for Critical Music Playback Environments

  • Recording Studios
  • Mix Down Rooms
  • Control Booths
  • Audiophile High-End Listening Rooms
  • Dedicated / Custom Home Theaters



$50 + $25 per test

You provide us with a recording of the MATT Test in your room and we'll take it from there.