How It Works

Keeping Sound From Traveling Through a Structure

There are three methods:

  • Block the sound by increasing the mass (thickness & density) of the walls & ceiling.
  • Minimize the transmission paths for vibrations and sound to travel though.
  • Absorb & damp vibration energy throughout the structural elements.


ASC's proprietary Iso-Wall System incorporates all three of these methods:

  • More than doubles the Mass
  • Isolated "floating" wall & ceilings
  • Walldamp vibration absorbing compounds used throughout


The ASC Iso-Wall uses a proven soundproofing method called resilient channel to isolate the interior walls of a room. We then improved the idea by adding low frequency sound damping and vibration control. The result, installed in hundreds of high end audio rooms, is the only soundproofing system engineered for high volume audio playback.

By utilizing our proprietary WallDamp material (a visco-elastic polymer) throughout the system, low frequency sound energy is absorbed into the wall. This reduces bass feedback and shuddering walls, and results in a clean, rich sound with well-balanced frequency response.