FAA NCP Baffles

Noise Control Package

When the FAA asked for the "the finest system you can provide," we developed our first air breathing baffle system, the NCP-10.

NCP-10 - Designed for the ASR-9 Sites, and the NCP-8 - Designed for the Mode-S sites

Custom designed & manufactured for the FAA

When the first ASR-9 site was being set up at LAX in 1990, the noise level were found to be totally objectionable—upwards of 82dBA in the equipment room. ASC was contracted by FAA site technicians and we provided temporary noise barriers. After extensive engineering analysis, working closely with FAA engineers, we developed our first air breathing baffle system, the NCP-10. This was in response to the FAA request for the "the finest system you can provide."

We have provided 75% of all ASR-9 sites with our top quality NCP-10 system (Noise Control Package). Mode-S was the next upgrade by FAA for ASR-9 sites and accordingly we developed the NCP-8 system to the same exacting standards of performance, acoustics, handling, and durability established by the NCP-10 system.

See our in-depth descriptions of the NCP-10 baffle system for ASR-9 sites, the NCP-8 for Mode S sites and our ARTCC baffle System. Your personnel will appreciate the significant noise reduction.

The NCP -10 has been developed for the Northrup Grumman ASR-9 radar system. The Beta test sight was LAX, where two systems remain installed and operational. The NCP-10 meets all expectations in terms of free air flow, sound attenuation, compatible appearance and ease of handling. Since then 75% of all ASR-9 equipped airports have the NCP-10 Noise Baffles.

Each baffle is engineered to fit within the physical constraints for clearance and safety yet provide the appropriate sound attenuation for the opening engaged while maintaining a 100% open air passage through the trap. No single acoustic baffle pattern is used, each sound trap is designed for its specific application. All traps that fit similar openings are identical and interchangeable. There are four types of traps, each so different from the other that there can be no confusion as to which goes where.

The NCP - 10 is a 10 piece noise control package. Each unit is designed and built to engage one or more of the ventilation openings of the ASR-9 Transmitter/Receiver Sets.

Custom Noise Control Packages Available For

  • ASR-9 Sites
  • Mode-S Sites
  • ARTCC Sites

The NCP-8 and the NCP-10 packages are Available Direct through ASC

Each package is custom manufactured to FAA Approved Specifications

Equipment Baffles Special Features:
High efficiency achieved by a 2 stage acoustic system.


Easy to position wheeled design.


Cabinets with handles for easy maintenance.


100% open airflow design preventing flow constriction.


Easy inspection of air filters through side viewing holes.


Compatible fit and color, sized for aisle clearance.

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Legacy Product

This is a legacy/specialty product, not part of our standard line. Please contact us for more info.