UberTraps - 16" x 3'

UberTraps are highly modified SuperTraps that have been tuned to be extremely aggressive in the sub-bass region than regular or our new IsoThermal TubeTraps. The UberTrap was the working name of the experimental models for our next generation TubeTrap, which has been renamed the PhasorTrap. These UberTraps were originally built by us for testing purposes. After we finished our tests in a racquetball court, we sent them to Riverbank Labs for more formal testing. Then for listening evaluation, they were used incognito in demo rooms at the CAL audio show for 2 years for and passed the listening evaluation test. With all that, they are still in mint/near mint condition. 

Unlike standard bass traps these traps maintain their full absorption curve flat down to 10 Hz and then they begin their 6 dB/octave roll off. It is very rare to be able to get advance prototype (patent pending) state of the art bass traps like this. They did their job and now are just sitting around. We decided to let them go out into the real world and let them get back to work.

These still sound like a standard TubeTrap, with its adjustable absorptive/diffusive treble range feature. We recommend these traps be located in the rear wall corners, behind the listener. We’ll include the Riverbank frequency response data, signed by the inventor, art Noxon. We know they aren’t priced like a bargain used show trap, but they aren’t bargain show traps. For the right person, they are not only a collector’s item, but they are also a piece of audio acoustic history and steal at that.

Size: 16" x 3'  | Color: Quartz | Price: $850.00 each.

We have only have 4 of these available.
Call 800-ASC TUBE (272 8823) if you are interested to purchase.