UberTraps - 16" x 3'

UberTraps are TubeTraps tuned to be more aggressive at specific frequencies. Sometimes we need more absorption at a certain frequency or bandwidth than the standard TubeTrap for that same frequency range can provide. That’s when UberTraps are called into play. These UberTraps were used as demos for a trade show and are in mint/near mint condition. 

UIberTraps are very special TubeTrap. These are the preproduction model, part of the set we made for testing at Riverbank Labs. Instead of the gradual 6 dB/Octave roll off that most bass traps have these run flat down to about 10 Hz and drop off quickly below that. It is very rare to be able to something like this. They did their job and are just sitting around. We took them to a show and the people loved them. But now, we decided to sell them off. They still function in the treble range just like a standard TubeTrap and with built-in treble diffuser. We’ll include the frequency response data. They aren’t priced like a bargain used show trap, but for the right person, they are not only a collector’s item, they are a steal.

Size: 16" x 3'  | Color: Quartz

Price: $450.00 each. We have only have 8 of these available. MSRP: $550.00
(Please contact us if you would like to purchase this item).