Set of 8 SoundPanels (NEW) - Grey Mix

Built to interior design standards, it features bevel cut face, crisp corners, and smooth finish. These ones come in Grey Mix color and are trimmed out by a paintable white picture frame. The ASC Sound Panel is completely finished on all sides, including the back.

The SoundPanel provides a combination of even absorption for bass frequencies within the second and third octave and absorption and diffusion for treble frequencies. The SoundPanel boasts of sturdy lightweight construction and integrates beautifully into any room it becomes part of.

The Sound Panel provides absorption from 200Hz up through the entire treble range. Like other ASC products, a built-in reflector strip is used to maintain diffusive ambience. Additionally, when placed on 2-3 foot intervals, the panel's edge diffraction induces mid-range lateral diffusion for enhanced spaciousness.

Even though these are in our Clearance section, these are in brand new condition!

Set includes Eight: 8" x 48" x 2" SoundPanels are in Grey Mix color.

Price: $650.00 for set of Eight. | MSRP: $872.00

Please contact us if you would like to purchase this item via email or
phone: 800-ASC-TUBE (272-8823).