AttackWall Deluxe Kit

By adding a back wall to the Standard Kit, the Deluxe becomes a rock-solid, reliable, repeatable, and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of room or speaker system. 

The AttackWall is being used today by the biggest names in the industry, such as Bruce Swedien, Brian Vibberts, Dave Kutch, Gary Lux, Mick Guzauski, Stuart White, and many others.

AttackWall - Deluxe Kit

The AttackWall is a free standing workstation that consistently produces the most amazingly clear sonic space you'll ever work in. The Deluxe Kit provides increased Lateral Diffusion for improved Time Delayed Backfill and Early Reflection Control from the back wall.


  • Tracking
  • Mixing 
  • Post Production
  • Sound Design


How It Works

The Deluxe AttackWall features all the advantages of a Standard AttackWall with one added benefit; rear wall control.

lateral diffusing in the attackwall

Vertical Diffusion from the AttackWall

The AttackWall absorbs early reflections and lets others escape to become processed into time delayed backfill. Without an ambient tail to the ETC a reflection free recording studio would be exhausting to work in. The AttackWall is setup to vent treble in two ways. Some of the sound escapes over the top and under the bottom of the AttackWall. Other parts pass through the openings to the side and behind the engineer. Any sound that escapes the AttackWall reflects off the room walls back into the diffusing side of the AttackWall where it is again back splashed towards the wall. By this process a time delayed diffusive backfill of sound bleeds back through the opening in the Wall, over the top and under the bottom. The AttackWall creates an LEDE type mixing environment.

The mix has to be not only good but it has to hang together. To get "the mix" the engineer has to work in a clean and linear acoustic environment. The AttackWall provides just that and one thing more: Consistency. Inside the AttackWall, the sound is the same no matter where it's set up. That means when you finally do move, your whole studio moves with you. Your electronics and your acoustics. Take a step towards complete control in the mix.


Wall Loaded Mains

horn loading

ATTACK wall bass venting

The AttackWall loads bass just like the built-in main found in a downtown studio. StudioTraps fit tight to the sides of the speaker to create a corner-loading short horn. This increases the efficiency of the speaker and projects the bass. With the absorptive side of the StudioTraps facing there is no "horn coloration" added to the direct signal. The AttackWall setup results in a bass loading horn that is lined with treble range absorption.

This type of horn loading is designed to be strong in the horizontal plane but weak in the vertical direction. The horn is vented above and below AttackWall just before the expanding bass wave hits the floor or ceiling. This gives a soft bounce effect as the bass wave wraps around the AttackWall and expands into the rest of the room. Although bass levels can be held high inside the wall, the bass is more than 10dB lower outside the wall and dramatically reduces the boom that gets out of the room.

The StudioTraps in the AttackWall can also easily be moved into the Quick Sound Field arrangement, making a recording space that will hold up in any room. 



AttackWalls are sometimes custom tailored to your room and console. As a result, the pricing may vary case by case.

The Deluxe AttackWall Kit consists of (16) StudioTraps and (2) 13" monitor stacks, with a cost of $11,824 plus freight shipping.