Acoustic Optical Alignment Kit

The Acoustic Optical Alignment Kit offers a simple and unique way of helping one to place ASC Tube Traps (or any other acoustical correction materials) within the listening room. The purpose of our Optical Alignment Kit with Roll-Up Mirror is to help you locate the early reflection points in your listening room. Early reflections degrade the imaging and color the music. This kit contains two strip sheets of heavy gauge reflective mylar. Each of these optic strips is 6” x 4’ long and comes with round adhesive labels to secure each end. Once the early reflection points are located they can be treated with acoustic materials. As in all high end audio upgrades, the final judgment is based on the quality of the sound and imaging you hear.


  • High End Listening Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theater

How It Works

Sound waves emanate from a loudspeaker in much the same way as a beam of light radiates from its source. And, like the beam of light, will be reflected off nearby surfaces. These reflections can be beneficial or deleterious depending upon their intensity and time of arrival, in relation to the direct sound from the speaker. Reflections arriving too soon (early reflections) after the direct sound, confuse the ear/brain, creating chaos in the image, defocusing and confusing the three dimensional recreation we strive for.

Absorbing these harmful early reflections significantly enhances the performance of an audio reproduction system. ASC Tube Traps are an ideal way of combating these reflections, however their effectiveness depends upon accurate placement. This can be done through experimentation (trial and error), using expensive test equipment or now, with the Optical Alignment Kit.

A wide strip of reflective Mylar "tape" is temporarily attached to the wall surrounding the speakers, at ear level. Seated in your listening position, you will be surprised to see multiple reflections of each speaker, all around the room. These images represent the points along the walls at which harmful reflections will occur. Mark these points, remove the Mylar, pop a Tube Trap in each location and viola, instant gratification.



Each kit costs 19.00 plus shipping and handling.