Raise your subwoofer up to its full performance potential. The SubTrap is more than a simple isolation stand. In addition to isolation, it absorbs excess bass and decouples your sub-woofer from room modes. Only from ASC.

You were trying to reach the musical blue sky but you ended up with the subwoofer blues. There it is, moaning and groaning on the floor, up against a wall or in a corner. Maybe deep bass is supposed to sound this way, drab, sluggish and boring. You keep the volume turned down and the crossover set low so your sub can “support” the bottom end without drowning out the music. And sometimes it seems like it’s almost not worth the effort.

Subwoofers actually do play a musical bass line. By getting the sub up off the floor and onto a SubTrap, you finally get to hear the sub woofer.  The SubTrap floats the sub off the floor to eliminate sympathetic structural vibration and at the same time adds a bass trap to damp the buildup of room modes that couple to the subwoofer.


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SubTrap is a recommended upgrade for subwoofer playback by Stereophile, Wide Screen Review, Home Theater, Home Theater Review, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity and The Absolute Sound.

“My first and usual test piece was the opening 30 Hz organ note at the beginning of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. That note is supposed to sound like approaching thunder. In the past, when I listened for this note, it was distant alright, distant and THIN. With the SubTrap I have finally (after many years) heard this note the way it was meant to be heard… With other music the bass is tighter, cleaner, faster and deeper. Being a ‘bassaholic’ for many years I cannot express fully enough what a difference the SubTrap has made for me. When I get my Supercube II subwoofer, I’ll be getting a 18″ SubTrap for that one too. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”L Harvey (satisfied SubTrap owner)

“Without a SubTrap, the excellent rhythm & timing that I have gotten used to was dimished to some extent; the bass seemed just a tad slow on rock music. Also, there was a somewhat ‘plasticky’ and ‘thuddy’ coloration to the bass. What is more, I could not contain my surprise when, while spinning a piece for six percussionists and choir (Wolfgang Rihm, last part of Tutuguri), I heard a ‘brownish’ coloration from large snare drums, the sound of which did not have lots of bass output! (The somewhat thuddy sound upon subsequent entry of the heavy bass drums was the final nail in the coffin for me). Putting back the SubTrap under the subwoofer confirmed that the ‘brownish’ coloration of the snare drums had been no illusion; the pristine sound that I had been used to returned”A Moritz (satisfied SubTrap owner)


  • Home Theaters
  • High-End Audio
  • 5.1 Mixing Rooms
  • Multi-Channel Music Environments

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18, 22


Quartz, Silver Papier, Gray Mix, Medium Grey, Black

The SubTrap is more than a simple isolation stand. In addition to isolation, it absorbs excess bass and decouples your sub-woofer from room modes. The end result is a unique product available only from ASC. Just slip the ASC-SubTrap underneath your subwoofer and you’ll create the powerful “SubStack.” Instantly improve bass detail, changing “muddy” low frequency playback into a richly detailed picture. Not only does the SubTrap increase bass extension and punch, it also gets rid of “one note bass.” Once you hear the difference, you’ll never go back.

Due to resonant modes, inherent in all rooms, sonic detail can get masked. The result is what we call “Room-Boom,” a muddled blur of sound. This happens even though the subwoofer is producing great bass and plenty of detail. The SubTrap keeps the rumble you love to hear, yet maintains detail and articulation, working with virtually any subwoofer.

By raising the sub off the floor and putting a SubTrap under it, the subwoofer is effectively decoupled from the vertical room mode. Excess bass buildup is reduced and the playback volume of the subwoofer can be cranked up much higher than before.

Now your sub can deliver a smoother frequency response and more dynamic attack transients.  For the first time you begin to hear a musical bass line you didn’t even know was there, hidden all this time.  You’ll turn the volume back up and raise the crossover point to where it should have been all the time, because now, your sub plays musical bass.

The ASC-SubTrap offers a real improvement to the sound of any sub-woofer. Available in two sizes, 18” and 22”. Easy setup, just place the SubTrap under the subwoofer, and that’s all there is to it.

Custom Fabric Colors

Any product using our Guilford Stock Fabrics can have one of our 70+ custom fabrics ordered.

Custom Fabric Pricing is 10% additional, minimum $175/order.

  • If your selection is 499.00, the total cost for custom fabric is 499.00+50.00=549.00

Custom fabric does not impact shipping costs or product weight.

We carry many custom colors in our factory, but this is not guaranteed.  Orders requesting custom fabric will require 1-2 weeks lead time based on availability.  Contact us for details and availability.

TubeTrap Endcaps

These are painted gloss black with texture lacquer.



SubTrap Brochure

SubTrap Technical

TubeTraps (all variations)


  • Standard TubeTraps products are built taller than the nominal listed height by 1/2″ to 3/4″
  • Maximum available single height for any full-round product is 48 1/2″
  • Custom Sizes under 4′ available


  • All of our TubeTrap products are also ~3/8″ oversize in diameter.

Custom Sizes

These are built within 1/8″ tolerance.

  • A 13 x 3ft TubeTrap will have a diameter of 13 3/8″ and a length of approximately 36 5/8″
  • A 16 x 46″ Custom made TubeTrap, which will have a diameter of 16 3/8″ and a length of 46″ +/- 1/8″

This includes but is not limited to:

  • TubeTraps
  • IsoThermal TubeTraps
  • Quarter Rounds
  • Half Rounds
  • TowerTraps (all variants)
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