Quarter Round TubeTrap

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  • The Standard Quarter Round TubeTrap is now a CUSTOM ORDER product. Call us for details.

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The Quarter Round TubeTrap Standard gives you very high performance in a form-fitting package, custom design to fit in the corner when space is at a premium.

Similar to the classic cylindrical TubeTrap, a QRTT utilizes a flow-resistive membrane surrounding a capacitive air volume to increase efficiency of low frequency sound absorption. Just like it is with its tubular brethren, a larger internal volume permits operation to lower frequencies. And just like the classic TubeTraps, each QRTT contains a built-in treble range polycylindrical diffuser. The icing on the cake: because its shape is that of a quarter-cylinder, each one only takes up one quarter the space of the full-round model, despite operating across the same frequency range!

Shown below is a cross-section of a QuarterRound TubeTrap, which is similar to full-round and HalfRound, but instead is shaped like a quarter-cylinder.


Because of varying room dimensions, each order of QRTTs is built custom for your unique situation. Custom lengths can be made up to 8 feet long! Factors such as baseboards, crown moulding, picture rails, and architectural soffits can require further customization. Therefore, QRTTs are not available for online purchase at our e-commerce store. We prefer to help guide your choice of diameter and length to help assure the acoustic and aesthetic results you are looking for. We want to turn that frown upside down!

Custom work of this type commands a premium above that of our classic full-round TubeTraps. But how can you put a price on domestic tranquility when the goal includes immersive and realistic sound reproduction? Settle for nothing less than the best acoustics available—they also look the best!

TubeTraps (all variations)


  • All of our TubeTrap products are also ~3/8″ oversize in diameter.

Standard Height

  • Standard TubeTraps products are built taller than the nominal listed height by 1/2″ to 3/4″
  • Maximum available single height for any full-round product is 48 1/2″
  • Custom Sizes under 4′ available

Custom Heights

These are built within 1/8″ tolerance.

  • A 13 x 3ft TubeTrap will have a diameter of 13 3/8″ and a length of approximately 36 5/8″
  • A 16 x 46″ Custom made TubeTrap, which will have a diameter of 16 3/8″ and a length of 46″ +/- 1/8″

This includes but is not limited to:

  • TubeTraps
  • IsoThermal TubeTraps
  • Quarter Rounds
  • Half Rounds
  • TowerTraps (all variants)

Standard Quarter Round TubeTraps are available as a custom order item only.

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