• This stunning hand-crafted design will compliment the interior decor in the homes of the most aesthetically demanding audio enthusiasts. As and end table or bust stand, the Mobilio line is capable of absorbing bass down to 55 Hz. Simple. Elegant. ASC teamed up with Italian trained designer Damon Johnson to accommodate our customers with the most refined taste. Together they challenged themselves to design high performance acoustic furniture and exceed the aesthetic expectations of the most demanding customer. Possessing equal absorbency capabilities the Gravitello (bust stand) and Zavorra (end table) control standing waves and room resonances to eliminate acoustic discoloration. Available in a variety of wood grains and lacquer finishes.
  • The TubeTrap is the foremost corner-loaded bass trap in the audio industry. It was only natural that ASC would adapt the same technology to fit flush into corners, walls and ceilings. Art Noxon, inventor of the revered TubeTrap, went to work on the physics and before long, the Fractional TubeTrap was born.
    • The Standard Half Round TubeTrap is now a CUSTOM ORDER product.
  • An EarthWall is essentially a vertical set of trays which can be filled with growing material and planted. Although the tray system initially looks like a set of horizontal galvanized metal fence rails, after plants or ground cover takes root, the planting trays become grown over and the galvanized railings are hidden from view. If need be, the galvanized side can be painted or covered with wood to temporarily obscure the galvanized material from view.
  • SuperTrap

    Sometimes we need more absorption at a certain frequency or bandwidth than the standard TubeTrap for that same frequency range can provide. That’s when SuperTraps are called into play. SuperTraps are TubeTraps tuned to operate to lower frequency than their standard counterparts. They are standard TubeTraps whose interior has been fit with acoustic circuitry to reshape their frequency response curve in the bass range, creating more efficiency in one tuned bandwidth at the expense of efficiency in the sidebands.


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