• CablePassThru

    Cable Pass Thru cabinet is an engineered alternative to the standard interior cable pass-through available from most retailers. It is designed for running cables through an interior wall while maintaining sound isolation. The Cable Pass Thru is specified by architects for scientific research laboratories, surgery complexes, testing facilities and classrooms where multiple rooms are cable interconnected with each other and a common computer room. Interior Applications
    • Recording Studios
    • Home Theater
    • Audiophile Listening Rooms
    • Performance Stages
    • Computer Centers
    • Secure SCIF Rooms
    • MRI/Control Room
    • Operating/Control Room
    • Clean/Control Room

  • The ASC AcousticSoffit is a one-stop acoustic treatment that in many cases will be all you need.


    • Home Theaters
    • High End Listening Rooms
    • Post Production / Mixing Suites
    • Conference Rooms
    With hundreds of hours of real world testing, ASC’s engineering and product development technicians have produced the best acoustical soffit available anywhere. Acoustic engineers have known for hundreds of years that a soffit is an excellent sound diffuser.  ASC improved the idea to include absorption and custom room tuning. Priced by the foot, standard model.  Custom sizing and upgrades incur additional charges.
  • WallDamp

    With the Walldamp Iso-Wall System, you get walls & ceilings that reduce sound transmission by 20dB or greater compared to standard interior walls. That is more than quadruple the perceived sound volume reduction, which is what makes our wall system the highest available using standard single-stud construction. Internally, the walls are tempered to move with the air pressure of bass frequencies. Where a rigid wall would shudder at high volumes (similar to the distortion in an overdriven speaker) and raise the noise floor of the room considerably, an IsoWall will "bend" with the pressure and absorb the sub bass sound wave while allowing the bass waves to reverberate cleanly. Check out our
  • Retain the ambiance of hubbub, enhance the clarity of table top conversation and quiet intrusions from across the room. Perfect retrofit for restaurants and coffee shops, fellowship and activity halls, meeting and conference rooms and specialty rooms such as home theaters, museums, art galleries and the great room at home.

    Turn plain sheetrock into cost-effective architectural acoustic ceilings

    Create a sociable sonic landscape. Convert any room with a gypboard, wood or plaster ceiling into a class act, a room that looks beautiful and sounds even better, and yet, it's all so naturally comfortable, no one even notices. The ASC Coffered Ceiling system was developed to help rooms support multiple simultaneous conversations without over damping the ambiance.
    It's busy, busy, busy all around you and yet, it stays clear and calm where you are, no matter where you are. Every table is a good table. You are waiting tables and as you move from table to table, it's always busy out there, but the calm seems to follow where ever you go.
    Open spaces are louder than you realize, and our system helps retain the ambiance but also create intimacy.
  • dRC-1

    High performance audio rooms are so quiet inside and so acoustically fast in response that as the music plays, sounds and tones come and go quickly. When a tone slightly shakes the floating wall, which happens to be the same frequency as the resonance of the supporting stud, the stud is stimulated onto movement.


    • Soundproofing
    • Acoustic Treatment
  • When the manufacturer can’t supply the hush kit you need, we can.

    Acoustic Sciences Corporation also make custom solutions to help reduce the noise any kind of high noise air handler or cooling system. The ASC staff will engineer an add-on unit designed to seamlessly fit your existing air intake and/or exhaust. High noise air handler situations, such as those found in the cooling systems for large electronic switching centers, can cause hearing loss for unprotected workers on site. Our goal is to reduce the noise level to OSHA acceptable levels or better. Row after row of electronic signal processing cabinets are usually cooled by vented updrafts from the air conditioning plenum under the floating floor, but not always. Hot spots in equipment cabinets get extra cooling from air flow booster fans and blowers which always makes unplanned-for noise. That’s when a custom run of Acoustic Sciences Corporation's matching noise baffles need to be designed, built and delivered. It’s a big team project, with their engineers, technicians and managers on one side and our in-house staff on the other. Typically our clients will ship or sometimes hand-deliver the blueprints and functioning parts of their noise making equipment. We also partner with a local group of talented specialty fabricators so we get the high quality metal fabrication and painting we need. The goals, along with the long list of constraints, are lined out by our client and we go to work. We measure the noise, and determine how it is made. We design and build models improving each one until it works as desired. We ship it to the client for further testing. After back and forth exchanges, and we all come to an agreement the production version of the baffle is designed. A sample is made and shipped. After it’s approved we fabricate the production run and deliver it. Our happy customers include many smaller manufacturers and a few big ones, such as: FAA commercial and military airport ASR-9 radar sites, FAA air route traffic control center ARTCC sites, Westinghouse radar equipment, Raytheon contracts, Harris Corp Voice Switcher Cabinets, Liebert Air Handlers and Power Conditioners, EMC Corp’s huge hard drive memory cabinets, and for Texas Instruments, we developed our smallest baffle, about 3/8ths inch square, mounted to the flying head of their last heavy duty impact printer.
  • The ASC CeilingPanel is another acoustic building block for creative architects and designers that are concerned with large room acoustic control. The science behind the CeilingPanel is simple: control of directional noise by creating an acoustic speed bump.


    • Restaurants
    • Auditoriums
    • Band Rooms
    • Churches
    • Day Care Facilities
    • Gymnasiums
    • Home Theaters
    • Studios
    • High-End Listening Rooms
  • Professional Recording In-Line Mufflers

    Recording studios and rooms with quiet requirements, particularly in hot climates, need dampened HVAC supply and return ducting. ASC designs and manufactures in-line mufflers, noise-reducing outlet diffusers, and duct baffle inserts. Most residential and commercial HVAC equipment creates too much noise for use in recording studios. We build specialty mufflers that combine built-in bass traps with standard treble range absorbing panels. Our solutions not only deliver air into rooms silently but also reduce the acoustic crosstalk between rooms through the HVAC ducts.
  • If you have outdoor compressors, transformers or HVAC equipment in close proximity to residential areas, odds are good that you need an ASC SoundFence. There are many types of noise barriers available, but none of them absorb noise like the SoundFence. They also share a common theme: high cost. The SoundFence gets the job done better while costing a fraction of comparable barrier systems.
  • ASC designs and manufactures in-line mufflers, noise-reducing outlet diffusers, and duct baffles inserts. Most residential and commercial HVAC equipment creates too much noise for use in recording studios. We build specialty mufflers that combine built-in bass traps with standard treble range absorbing panels.
  • The IsoTile Ceiling Panel is designed to isolate and absorb ceiling transmitted noise in both directions. Just drop in place on top of your existing acoustic ceiling tiles. ASC’s IsoTile is engineered to block and absorb sound.
  • Acoustical Residential SoundFence for reducing sounds in noisy neighborhoods and residential areas. Acoustic fences will reduce the sound from heat pumps, pool filters, pool pumps, traffic noise and more. Residential sound-proofing in neighborhoods.
  • ASC WallWool Sound Barrier has 10x more absorption that standard wall fiberglass insulation. ASC WallWool has been formulated to provide maximum sound attenuation in a relatively thin package. There is no fiberglass resin adhesive in this material and no odor.


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