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Project Showcase: Recording Studios


Mic R. Studios

When Mic Roussos decided to build the second incarnation of Mic R. Studios, he spared no expense. Mic's studio serves both as his production and songwriting haven and his client-center recording studio. He notably [...]


K-Sound Studios

K-Sound Studios is a studio by musicians for musicians. The entire studio features ASC IsoWall Ultra Soundproofing. "Without the help of Ty Moyer at ASC, K-Sound Studios would not have accomplished the vision nor the sound". Thank [...]


Puzzle Tree Music

“When mix time comes, I switch gears and bring the traps into my control room and create a true AttackWall around my desk. This is where ASC StudioTraps really shine.” —Pete Droge Engineer and musician [...]


Studio 713

ASC worked with Studio 713 in Houston, Texas to build a world class recording studio featuring PCAD Panels, and custom acoustics. The PCAD is a Poly Cylindrical Absorber Diffuser and is a favorite in [...]

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