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TubeTraps:  Still Setting Industry Standards for Professional Studio Acoustics

Discover why Grammy Award winning performers and recording engineers choose TubeTraps to shape the sound being used to create their music.

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“Michael [Jackson] was fascinated with my TubeTraps.  We would try all sorts of different set-ups with the TubeTraps to get a sound field that was really interesting.”

-Bruce Swedien

Decades of Music

Used all over the world, StudioTraps are a modified version of a TubeTrap. Their unique characteristics make them powerful and versatile tools for use throughout the recording and mixing stages.

“TubeTraps are a stroke of acoustic genius that has been overlooked, with the exception of an elite few, for many years.”

-Dave Kutch

World Class Sound

Highly configurable, the free-standing AttackWall redefines mixing environments providing a reliable, repeatable, and accurate sonic space in which to track, mix and master, regardless of studio size or speakers.

“After buying the AttackWall, I became the mixer I always wanted to be – the mixer I feared I would never become.”

-Andrew Maury

ASC takes a comprehensive approach when working with you on your Professional Recording Studio

When it comes to your studio acoustic project, you get one shot to get it right.  Almost never is there enough money, time and energy left over after a studio project so that you can redo some non-working part of a recently finished project.

After 30 some years of this, we’ve learned a lot about how to fix a studio and even more important, what not to do when building a studio.  When we join in at the beginning of a studio project, we’re not fixing problems.  We’re making sure there are no problems to fix.

ASC is the pioneer and leader in handmade modular professional recording studio acoustics.  We designed, voice and built the products they needed.  One of the requirements always to get it done quick.

5-time Grammy Award Winning recording engineer Bruce Swedien’s AttackWall

ASC’s AttackWall and the Quick Sound Field allow you to finally become the producer you’ve always dreamed of being.

Countless hit songs across the world were mixed with the AttackWall making it the recording studio industry standard.

The Quick Sound Field redefines world class mobile recording environments to track, mix, and master, regardless of room size.

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