Pastor Joe Cammilleri Raves About ASC

Pastor Joe of Old Paths Bible Baptist Church is estatic about his church's new Platform Choir Loft. It has been sixth months since construction was finished, and every time his congregation sings, Pastor Joe marvels.

Old Paths Bible Baptist Church - choir box men

“The former sanctuary broke all the acoustical rules for a church—high drop ceiling panels, carpeted floor etc. When singing congregational songs, all you could hear was yourself. It was like singing in a muffler or worse yet, like singing outdoors,” recalls Pastor Joe. He also remembers the congregation's first five years when they rented an old Episcopal church. “The wooden pews and cement floors made it sound like we were singing in a cave. It was heavenly... then when we moved into our new building it was a real let-down.”

“Did you ever just dream of a meal and how perfect it was going to be, and then go to the restaurant and actually order it, and it exceeded your expectations? Well, that’s what we have now. It could not be better!”

That has all changed, now that they have their new choir loft with dedicated performance areas, voiced by Art Noxon. “We did all the design work and they did all the physical work, including building the sound panels for the back wall of the hall,” says Noxon, who speaks of the project fondly.

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Pastor Joe Cammilleri

“In person it sounds fantastic. It is perfect, perfect, perfect.” Pastor Joe Cammilleri