Stereophile Recommended Components 2013

"Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes...We highly recommend its purchase."


ASC SubTrap

"It worked like magic"  says KR, reviewer for Stereophile.  With a Paradigam Servo 15 sub sitting atop the 22" model ASC SubTrap, the bass was transformed...more bass detail, and so much deeper than expected. Organ music fundamentals had a discreteness of tone that was new in my listening room.  ASC's SubTrap filled the room with throbbing tuneful bass that moved me, but not the floorboards or the furniture.  Ah, yes-glorious bass without the boom!  I was (sub)trapped by the natural ambience, startling transients, and inclusive percussion revealed by the removal of the room's signature.  I sat riveted in my seat and listened to the whole disc...... (Read Review Online) - Product Page

ASC StudioTrap

"ASC's StudioTraps have become permanent fixtures in our system." says JS, reviewer for Stereophile.  He discovered how sound quality and sound stage can be dialed in by positioning the Studios, he settled on his preferred arrangement;  a pair to the side of each speaker, another pair set back behind the speakers and the last pair in the corners behind the speakers... "I was in audiophile heaven as I enjoyed the transparency, the air, the neutral, coherent soundstage that developed before me.  The palpability factor flew off the peter meter.  Everything was that much more round with body and presence; music was composed of heart and mind, metal and wood. Tonal color seemed to be spot on, the resolution of the acoustic decay giving me the chills.  It was as if...I was entering into the true realm of the music.  (Read Review Online) - Product Page

ASC TowerTrap

The ASC TowerTrap,  "smaller, more cosmetically acceptable, more affordable version of the classic TubeTrap," writes BJR, reviewer for Stereophile.  It won the Golden Note Award for peripheral design of audio equipment in 1995.  Designed to look like a quality loudspeaker, it is a powerful corner loaded bass trap that acts to control the over pressure bass build-up in the room.  "Very effective at taming mid- and upper-bass room anomalies. Looks like an attractive Vandersteen speaker sitting there in the corner." says NR, Stereophile reviewer. - Product Page


ASC TubeTraps

Relatively inexpensive but remarkably effective room-acoustics treatment. Tube Traps soak up low-to-high bass standing-wave resonances like sponges. WP agrees, using Traps to optimize the acoustics of his room for MartinLogan SL3 electrostatics, while BD used "em to optimize his room while auditioning the Thiel CS7.2s. Using the Music Articulation Test Tone (MATT) from Stereophile's Test CD 2 (STPH004-2), he first positioned them for smoothest overall response and articulation, then "dialed-in depth, dimensionality, and ambience." A chart recorder graphically showed the changes. In the end, "The sound was fantastic," quoth BD, who recommends them unconditionally. (Vol.9 No.3, Vol.15 No.2, Vol.16 No.12, Vol.19 No.1, Vol.20 No.5, Vol.23 No.2 - Read Review Online) - Product Page