Stereophile Product of the Year 2004 - Accessory - Runner Up

Stereophile named the SubTrap as a Runner Up for 2004 Accessory Product of the Year. 

Some excerpts of Stereophile's Review of the SubTrap:

"A SubTrap is one big, chunky black box—stacking my sub on top of it created a monumental black tower that loomed over the listening position like one of those monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey. But it worked like magic. As soon as I'd set it up, it was obvious that the room acoustics had changed for the better. There was less apparent energy from clapping, loud conversation, or just stomping around. When I turned on the system, there was also less apparent bass energy from all widerange signals, even with the sub disconnected! Clearly, the SubTrap was minimizing the excitation of these room modes."

"With the SubTrap-stacked Servo-15 back in play, the bass was transformed. I thought I'd had it pretty good before, but now there was more bass detail, and so much deeper than I expected. In fact, I had to rebalance the subwoofer levels; pre-SubTrap, my ears and my SPL meter had been deceived by the encumbered resonances. With the true bass levels restored (and my wife outside in the garden), I unleashed my inner bass freak with Von Kessel's Requiem"

"Unless your room is fortuitously dimensioned or otherwise treated, you, too, may have some serious domestic discussions ahead of you. But most of us with subwoofers will just have to have a SubTrap."