Listening Rooms Running Avalon Speakers & TubeTraps

Winston Ma’s impressive listening room: Avalon & TubeTraps

Ma’s Hifi listening room was profiled on Positive Feedback Online. Mr. Ma upgraded to Avalon Sentinel speakers. “These new Avalon Sentinels certainly look like glorious transducers… and their specifications are extraordinary. Check Avalon’s site for their current models. Bloody impressive!” Avalon recommends the use of ASC TubeTraps in concert with all their speaker lines.


Coverage of HI-FI ’99: Standout Room Report

“The 1999 CES was the debut for one of Avalon’s most costly speakers, the Sentinel, while HI-FI ’99 showcased one of the company’s least expensive models — to great musical effect. Muse electronics, including the Eight/296 24/96 DVD combo, drove the Avalon Arcus speakers. Cables were Cardas Neutral Reference, and the analog source was the new Immedia Revolution turntable with RPM tonearm and Lyra Parnassus cartridge. An API Power Wedge Ultra 116 and Ultra Enhancer 2 finished off the system.

Expansive and tonally right, the Arcus sounded like a much bigger and more costly speaker. The sponsors of the room took tuning seriously — ASC products were in abundance.

CES ’98: Standout Room Report

“The Avalon / Classe Audio room at the Golden Nugget at CES gets the nod from me as well. The Avalon Eidolon speakers are something to be reckoned with. More so than with the Avalon speaker line before them, I found myself emotionally attached to the musical experience the Eidolons created. Compliments to Classe as well for using their CDT-1 transport, DAC-1 converter, prototype Omega 400wpc bridged stereo amplifiers, and a prototype preamp to contribute to this wonderful sound. Cardas Golden Cross power cords, NBS speaker cables, and ASC TubeTraps (review forthcoming) played an important part in bringing out the best from this system.”


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