The Queen of Rock ‘n Roll

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We were saddened to learn of the passing of the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll, Tina Turner, this week.

So, to honor her memory in some small way, we share this story from ASC founder, president and TubeTrap inventor, Art Noxon, PE Acoustical, in which her larger-than-life persona and singing talents played an unforgettable role.

Enjoy, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

HiFi Gear Makers Want Theirs to Sound..Simply the Best

At HiFi shows, manufacturers demo their products. It is very educational to audition room setup after room setup.  One room with TubeTraps along the front wall has imaging floating in the air outside the room.  Another room with curtains drawn over plain flat sound panels has an image on top of the speakers.

One time the center TubeTrap was moved forward to get to an electrical plug. From the listener’s position, the image jumped forward as the center trap was moved forward. Later we experimented with this strange effect.

As the 16″ diameter center trap was inched forward, the image slid forward. This continued until the image seemed to fade from view. Slide the Trap back a bit, the image brightened up and slid back. We decided the image dims out as the center Trap moves so far forward that the speakers no longer illuminate the reflector.


We built a special “forward image” TubeTrap with reflectors on each side. As we slid the special Trap further forward, the image stayed bright and continued to move forward. Half way between speaker/listener, the image was HUGE and right in front of us. It was in our face.

Here Comes Proud Mary, In the Midnight Hour

Late one evening after setup day for an audio show, Art was “field testing” the new Forward Image TubeTrap (FRTTFI) with some big-sound music made by powerful musicians. The standard compliment of TubeTraps was arranged, and the special FRTTFI was pulled way out toward the listening chair. They hit play.

So, hear it as it happened. Tina Turner-singing Rollin on the River, became the microphone, and she was screamin and singin all over it – the single most unforgettable audio imaging experience – no drugs, no alcohol, nothing but sound.

It was so intense, I jumped out of the chair and we kept on taking turns. we just had to slide that double reflector trap back between the speakers to calm things down – we realized this had to be an acoustic zoom lens.

The image distribution in a traditional HiFi stereo room is crescent shaped. A central image field across and outside of the speakers and somel wrap around and down the sides.

If speakers are too far apart, the image thins and dims in the middle.
Too close together, the image is too bright and thick between the speakers.

 Within the sound stage instruments of sections are distributed. The center image is always the star.  Soloist for the group is centered. Images are positioned by varying time delays and loudness between speakers.

Tina Turner Live in Stage

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