StudioTraps Are Not Just for Studios

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While their original design was optimized for use in recording & mixing audio, the ASC StudioTrap also excels in HiFi playback system usage. Here we will visually demonstrate the “acoustic shadow casting” offered exclusively by this stand-mounted absorber/diffuser and its applicability to Listening Room optimization and a recording environment.

The powerful shadow casting property of the StudioTrap allows it to appear, acoustically, much larger than its dimensions would suggest. This provides a phenomenal bang-for-your-buck.


Nearly all source material is omnidirectional over some frequency range. And we all know that high frequencies are quite directional, a bit like a laser beam. All these sounds travel away from the musician at 1130 feet per second and ricochet around the room, trying desperately to reach the microphone.

Generally speaking*, we want only the “direct” signal to reach the mic, to avoid smearing, phase irregularities, and comb filtering. You can either apply treatment to all your walls at great expense, or you can arrange ASC StudioTraps around the microphone to make the room “disappear” without totally killing the ambience.

HiFi Listening Rooms

How can you use one product to control the sidewall reflections from both of your L-R speakers? Are you thinking: place it away from the wall so it catches the near speaker reflection after an initial wall bounce, and catches the far speaker reflection directly? You nailed it!

What product can do this?

  • The ASC StudioTrap.

The listening position remains in the shadow of the reflections, while basking in the glowing rays of the direct signal. Let’s look at this phenomenon in plain old black-and-white. Now you see the light!


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A true two-channel, three-dimensional listening experience requires the optimal diffusion provided by a 9″ diameter TubeTrap…AKA a StudioTrap.

*Reflections Can Also Be Good

A main feature of the QuickSoundField, used in recording scenarios and generally constructed of (8) StudioTraps, is the plethora of early reflections adding to the direct signal to create a sound-fusion style recording with ultra natural presence without any post-processing.

And the ability of StudioTraps to provide delayed laterally diffuse ambience in a HiFi setting places them in an essential role in the creation of a true 2C3D room.

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