Recap: ASC at PAF 2022

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The Event

The inaugural Pacific Audio Fest showcased many of the world’s top HiFi music playback equipment manufacturers and was a wonderful experience for all involved. Special thanks to show director Lou Hinkley, who, together with show manager Gary Gill, facilitated a trouble-free and thoroughly enjoyable event. We sincerely hope this is the first of many years for the PAF, and a harbinger for more of the audio shows we hold so dear after 2+ years of postponements and uncertainty.

HiFi audio shows are the best place to personally experience a wide variety of loudspeaker, amplifier, audio streaming, phonograph, and other associated equipment types — all in one convenient location, and you are able to compare this various gear nearly head-to-head as you move from room to room. For many boutique makers of fine equipment, audio shows are the only opportunity that potential clients may have to audition their labors of love.

Hotel rooms are not built for audio playback fidelity, and frankly, usually sound very bad. TubeTraps make every room sound better, and truly must be heard to be appreciated. TubeTraps are fairly big & bulky, and are not the most convenient for HiFi shops to keep “in stock” in their back room. Seattle is a mere 5-hour drive from our headquarters & factory in Eugene, Oregon. Such was the perfect storm that resulted in a tsunami of TubeTraps sweeping onto PAF 2022. Enjoy the gallery!

Troy Audio’s fine Acapulco high-efficiency loudspeakers re-created vintage Altec sound with a little help from some tubular friends.

Australian speaker makers Serhan Swift proved that big things can come in small packages with their mu2 MkII louspeaker. TubeTraps in corners.

Arion Audio complemented their fantastic open-baffle Apollo loudspeaker + woofer with quite a few TubeTraps to create a very smooth and balanced presentation with full and tight bass.

The Spatial Audio room demonstrated the life-like realism that an open-baffle dipole speaker can deliver. TubeTraps + dipole backwave = musical bliss!

Aurender brought in some Magico A5 loudspeakers to demonstrate the quality and reliability of their high-resolution streaming. And they delivered!

The Kroma Atelier Julieta loudspeaker, imported by Matterhorn Audio, truly wowed us with its big and rich sound. Let’s keep an eye on these newcomers to the North American market. Not surprisingly, the TubeTraps wrung out every last drop of quality.

ASC TubeTraps found homes in nearly half of the exhibitor’s rooms at PAF 2022, and you’ve just seen a handful of them. We think – and nearly everyone agreed – that the rooms with TubeTraps sounded the best! Please check back for an even more thorough show report (with pics!) in the news feed on our home page coming next week.

The TubeTrap Crew unloads a nice big pile of “show demo” TubeTraps

After selling a bunch of TubeTraps to PAF attendees and exhibitors, this is what the truck looked like with the remains

These open-boxes beauties can be yours for a song. Keep an eye out at our online store for the discounted “show demo” TubeTraps to show up — and snatch them before they are gone! Plus, readers of the ASC Newsletter may even receive special codes for even more discounts… stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend!

~ ASC Team

ASC booth at PAF 2022

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