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If you thought the AttackWall was only for studio use, this week’s newsletter is for you. Take advantage of “acoustic shadow casting” to the fullest. Please enjoy this snippet from the notebook of Art Noxon, PE Acoustical.  

Project notes from Art Noxon
  • Large listening room
  • Hard surface front and back walls
  • Arched openings into side hallways, both sides of room.
Sound at listening position is garbled due to excess storage of reverberation inside hallways.
Strong lateral reflections and reverberation blurs musical dynamics, sound stage and imaging. Curtains could have quieted hallway noise, but were not an option.

Sound absorbing ‘impedance matched’ cylinder tube traps practically surrounded each speaker preventing side spread of the wave front.

Reducing sonic illumination of the hallway through first few arches eliminated side to side storage buildup of sound in the hallways.  A quiet sound stage was created while back left and right reverberance was removed.

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