Circuit Analysis for TubeTraps

Published On: February 17, 2023Tags: , , , ,

This week we see some of the science behind your favorite bass trap. Strap on your Electrical Engineering cap and enjoy this excerpt from the notes of  Art Noxon, PE Acoustical

Air will pass through porous material if pressure is applied.  The resistivity of the material is the measure of this effect.
It is the ratio of pressure applied to the velocity of the air flowing through the porous materials.

This is similar to the basic electric circuit where a voltage is applied across a resistor and current flows.
A porous sheet of material acts like a set of resistors in parallel.
The more resistors in parallel, the more current flows and the lower is the overall effective resistance.
Less resistors yield higher effective resistance…

Now, how can this knowledge be used to make your room sound better? You guessed it: using the only portable bass trap/diffuser available whose resistance has been engineered for optimal power dissipation across the most problematic audio frequencies.

Yep, it’s a TubeTrap.

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