IN MEMORIUM: Albert von Schweikert 1945-2020


Acoustic Sciences Corporation is saddened that loudspeaker titan Albert von Schweikert passed away on May 29th.  He will be missed by many in the audiophile community.  Our founder and CEO has a few words to say about him.

We are very sad to hear that Albert von Schweikert passed away a few days ago, May 29.  
He was a visionary and pioneer in creating big HiFi loudspeakers.    
He saw the room acoustic as a natural component in the audio chain,
that had to be accounted for in delivering the best sound possible to his listeners.  
-Art Noxon

Please take a moment to read a short biography for Albert here.

Here we see one of the last audio shows in which ASC and VSA partnered to create the best sound in show.  Special thanks to Damon and Leif for carrying the torch!

Here we see Albert at the Waldorf Astoria in 1996 with his breakthrough speakers and some special acoustic treatment built by yours truly.  The longer story can be found here.

Let’s all remember the innovations brought to the loudspeaker industry by this great man and thank the world for gracing us with his presence.

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