ASC Ships Ocean Container to Europe!



Once again, our European dealer of ASC products will be receiving a large shipment of TubeTraps and assorted ASC acoustic control devices.  Owner Alan Grindheim has been working closely with a number of HiFi enthusiasts to carefully tune the sound of their rooms over the past many months. When the demand reached critical mass, the container was called in and the ASC shop loaded it up.

European audio enthusiasts of all walks will benefit from this influx, as Gjallarhorn’s order included ample stock quantities of ASC staples like Isothermal TubeTraps and StudioTraps for recording studios.  Call or email today to find the products you need.  Special thanks to Mr. Grindheim and the entire Gjallarhorn staff for their continued support of ASC acoustics!

Learn more about ASC’s role in Gjallarhorn’s story then visit Gjallarhorn online.




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