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Born in 1984 from the marriage of concrete basement listening rooms and amplified low frequencies, TubeTraps took the world by storm. ASC was soon formed to help spread the joy of musical bass and highly articulate rooms throughout the land. From our humble beginnings in garages and small shops of the Whitaker neighborhood of Eugene, we grew into worldwide suppliers of the most innovative bass trap of its time.  In the 30 years since, we have broadened our capabilities and expertise to serve every aspect of the acoustic world – from restaurants to lumber mills, from backyard pools to Grammy-winning producers. Just like in the early days, everything is still 100% handmade in the USA.

The TubeTrap was the world’s first factory-built broadband bass trap. Portable and extremely efficient, the second generation of TubeTrap prototypes received an acoustic crossover which served as a treble range diffuser. Once introduced to market, the TubeTrap basically created the room acoustic products industry, and has become an iconic acoustic fixture in high-end audio. The cylindrical columns seen so frequently in the corners of ultra-high-performance, high-power, high-fidelity audio rooms, are of course TubeTraps.

Because the TubeTrap was such a versatile acoustic device, it became an acoustic building block for recording engineers and audio experts to explore and experiment with acoustics in their small rooms. Notably, the 2C3D listening room, the AttackWall control room work station and the QSF recording technique for live rooms have set new standards in audio recording and playback which have become the reference by which other products are judged.

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