Stereophile Equipment Reports - ASC TubeTraps

J. Gordon Holt

In one of our earliest reviews, Stereophile's J. Gordon Holt discovers ASC TubeTraps. He explains standing waves, room modes, and how the TubeTrap works to help solve problems associated with this acoustic dilemma.

Below are some excerpts. Download pdf for complete review.

PDF Version

"There are few "accessories" I can think of that I would consider tube absolutely necessary for good audio system performance, but the ASC TubeTrap is one of them. I cannot recommend them too strongly!"

LA's Comments:

"I don't qualify as an evaluator of TubeTraps, more as a witness. The effect on JGH's room has been practically breathtaking. The only characteristic perhaps not emphasized enough by JGH is articulate-ness. You notice it as soon as you go into the room, even without music playing: speech is much easier to understand; you can speak more softly and still retain perfect intelligibility. This, of course, extends to the music: particularly low end, but midrange as well, is much better defined. There aren't many products that I think make an astonishing difference, but Tubes are definitely one of them."