ASC TubeTrap - Big Bass Improvement

John Kotches

The field of home acoustics control is crowded with relative newcomers to the industry. In this field, the Acoustic Sciences
Corporation (ASC) is a relative veteran, and was one of the first companies to offer products for home and professional environments to address noise abatement and acoustical control issues.

The ASC SubTrap™ made a marked difference in the bass reproduction in my room, and I got the measurements to prove it!

Room Tuning: ASC Tube Traps & the MATT Test Room Tuning

Brian Damkroger

I even had expert guidance—in the form of visits from Bruce Brisson and Joe Abrams of MIT, and Art Noxon of Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC), who led me through a two-step process. First, we concentrated on getting smooth overall response and good, even articulation. Then we dialed-in depth, dimensionality, and ambience.

Martin T on TubeTraps

Martin T, Customer

Now that I've had a few days to really listen to the effects of having TubeTraps in my listening room, here are my findings.

I have three TubeTraps (the fourth was damaged on shipping, to be replaced later), two at the front behind my main speakers and one at the rear left of the room, plus a custom-built SubTrap under my REL subwoofer to the right of the r/h speaker. I have positioned each one with their most absorptive face towards the centre of the room.

StudioTrap User Review

Gary, Customer


I have received and assembled and installed my new Studio Traps. I've only had time for one listening session, but they made a very positive first impression.

TubeTrap Review by John Acton

John Acton

The full ASC TubeTrap treatment in my room made a bigger improvement in my system's sound than any component upgrade I've ever made. —John Acton
TubeTrap Review for Positive Feedback Online

SubTrap - Secrets of Home Theater & HiFi

Ed Mullen

The bass quality is more ethereal, seeming to emanate directly from the soundstage, rather than the subwoofer itself. —Ed Mullen
SubTrap review for Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

Raise It to Get Down - SubTrap Review

Home Theater Magazine

Your projector may not be the only problem-plagued component in your home theater system. Subwoofers typically suffer from the interaction of sound waves being radiated...

Music In the Round - SubTrap Review

Kalman Rubinson

SubTrap review: It worked like magic. As soon as I’d set it up, it was obvious that the room acoustics had changed for the better.

Followup on the Quick Sound Field


This review of the Quick Sound Field by Fett is a followup of the review a few months earlier by Mitch Malloy.

Mitch Malloy on the Quick Sound Field

Mitch Malloy

This review of the Quick Sound Field by Mitch Malloy demonstrates the dramatic difference QSF makes in studio recording.

5.1 AttackWall

Bobby Owsinski

For our 5.1 Attack Wall, we used five MonitorStands, five Speaker Tops, two 20-inch corner TubeTraps, and 27 StudioTraps. ASC is extremely helpful in the process of selecting the perfect type and number of TubeTraps for the application.

Review - ASC TubeTraps

Bryan Southard

ASC, has been manufacturing acoustic room treatment devices for the better part of 25 years, becoming one of the premier manufacturers of acoustic room treatments for the home and recording studios alike, with their core products centered around a patented tube-like design.

The Trappings of Success? StudioTraps

Sound On Sound

Studio Traps allow you to alter the acoustics of any room in minutes so you can quickly deal with troublesome rooms or acoustically separate live mics from one another. Martin Walker sets the traps....

Stereophile - California Brisson And The Soundroom of Doom

Wes Phillips

MIT's Bruce Brisson & Joe Abrams make a visit with to Gayle Sander's Reference Room at Martin-Logan. They give the room an acoustic makeover for Gayle, using ASC TubeTraps and Studio Traps.

IAR: Optimizing ASC TubeTraps

J. Peter Moncrieff

We're pleased to see the worldwide acceptance that TubeTraps have gained, in the four years since IAR's pioneering review (see Hotlines 39 & 40). Virtually all major reviewers and manufacturers use them as a key element of their listening rooms, which they rely upon for evaluating all the audio components you will buy. When reviewers publish plans of their listening rooms, most show TubeTraps in the corners.

Stereophile Equipment Reports - ASC TubeTraps

J. Gordon Holt

In one of our earliest reviews, Stereophile's J. Gordon Holt discovers ASC TubeTraps. He explains standing waves, room modes, and how the TubeTrap works to help solve problems associated with this acoustic dilemma.

IAR: Your Room - The Final Link

J. Peter Moncrieff

There's a special joy and excitement in pursuing the audiophile hobby. And this excitement reaches a climax when, on that rare occasion, you make a sonic breakthrough with your audio system.