High End Listening Rooms


Corner Bass Traps - Putting TubeTraps or TowerTraps in the corners of your listening room help stabilize bass reverb build-up and add shock control for attack transients. This will remove 'room boom' and clarify tonality and soundstage. TubeTraps help smooth out the peaks and valleys of the major room modes. By setting the built-in diffusor panels oriented toward the listener, room ambience is maintained.

SoundPanels & Wall Mounted Half-Round TubeTraps - by placing panels or wall traps at key reflection points, strong wall reflections are reduced to enhance imaging.

Center Image Traps - Adding a center trap between the speakers will cultivate a deeper, more centered soundstage.

Traps beside the speakers - will reduce self-cancelling wall bounce to smooth low mid-bass.

Traps or Panels to the side of the listener - these tend to quiet the room and improve clarity.