High-End Listening Rooms

It all begins with the speaker drivers, pushing in and out, creating expanding spheres of sound. The audiophile’s ear, located about 10’ away, samples about 1 square inch of the expanding wave-fronts: A tiny piece of musical heaven. 

Unfortunately, the other 1250 square feet of the same wave-front expands right past the listener and is quickly reflected back into the room, where it is heard again, and again and again until the energy in that particular wave-front dies out. The net result is that the reflected sound is heard so many times that it drowns out the original bit of heavenly sound by 10 to 12dB. 

Most audiophiles say that they listen to their room being played by the speaker. They speak as if the room is a musical instrument and the loudspeaker is the musician. And that’s exactly how we see it. Starting in 1988, we have been acoustically tuning, repairing and building precision performance audiophile listening rooms.

We can voice your room, giving it balanced tonality, smooth response through the resonances, opalescent brightness, without harshness or glare spots. Our rooms are exceptionally fast. They dynamically track the strongest attack and release transients. The musicality of the room is complemented by a huge sonic surround field that holds the details of a wrap-around soundstage, supporting fixed position dime sized imaging, all set into a field of spacious lateral ambiance. 

Recommended TubeTrap Room Setups:

The ASC Solution

When you contact us here at Acoustic Sciences Corporation, we join with you in creating your dream listening room. Using room plans, acoustic tests, and over 20 years of experience, we'll help you get your room to where you want to be. Using our signature bass trap, the TubeTrap, we'll tune your listening space so it's not fighting the speakers, but instead it's complimenting them. If you're someone that likes to expirement on your own, that's fine too. That's the beauty of the TubeTrap, it's easily moveable, stackable, and modular, making it perfect for someone who likes to tinker with the sound space.

Call us today at (800) ASC-TUBE to get your project started.