High End Audio is where the dedicated listening room hosts a carefully matched ensemble of finely crafted playback instruments and the very best in audio gear, gathered together to play - and replay - the most wonderful recordings music has to offer.  

Below are some gallery images of hi-fi listening rooms featuring ASC TubeTraps.

TubeTraps for hi-fi rooms
AXPONA 2019 Bayz Audio Listening Room.

Italian TubeTraps.


CH Precision With TubeTraps.


Bending Wave USA, Göbel Epoque Aeon Reference, CH Precision, TW Acustic RMAF 2018.


Reviewers View AXPONA 2019.


TubeTraps in listening rooms
Lone Star Audio's Reference Room.


Better Acoustics With TubeTraps
This listening room acoustics made even better with TubeTraps.


Acoustic Treatment TubeTraps
This listening room acoustics made even better with stacked TubeTraps.


Goodwin's High-End Listening room with TubeTraps.


Listening Rooms with TubeTraps
High-End Listening room with TubeTraps.


Tubetraps acoustics listening room
Elite Audio show-room with TubeTraps.


Leroy Schwarz listening-room with TubeTraps.
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hi fi audio room with Tubetraps
HI-Fi listening-room with Cessaro Horn Speakers and TubeTraps. Image courtesy of audiophile.org.


listening rooms with tubetraps
Quite the listening room set up with lots of TubeTraps! Image courtesy of Mono Stereo.


hi-fi listening room with tubetraps
High-end audio heaven set up with TubeTraps, TowerTraps, and HalfRounds. Image courtesy of Mono Stereo.


Tubetraps and listening rooms.
High-end audio showroom with stacked TubeTraps.