The Art Of Church Acoustics

Originally published in Church & Worship Technology Magazine, March 2004 Acoustics is a hidden force that can help or hurt a church service; when [...]

The Art Of Church Acoustics2021-10-05T12:07:00-07:00

Church Cry Room Acoustics

Art Noxon of Acoustic Sciences Corp., who has consulted on many church cry spaces, has noticed this problem. “I have seen plenty of churches with [...]

Church Cry Room Acoustics2021-10-05T12:07:10-07:00

Big Church Acoustics

Excerpt: "All too often, a church is built like a civic auditorium--big space and many seats--yet in the case of a large church, the building [...]

Big Church Acoustics2021-10-05T12:06:08-07:00
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