Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps

As one of the world's best speaker manufacturers, Avalon recommends the use of ASC TubeTraps in concert with all their speaker lines. Shown above [...]

Avalon Speakers and ASC TubeTraps2021-10-05T11:34:22-07:00

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment

Michael Cooper tests the application, and evaluates the cost-effectiveness, of the AttackWall from Acoustic Sciences Corporation. It could be said that a control room's acoustics [...]

AttackWall Acoustic Treatment2021-07-28T12:14:36-07:00

Room Treatments, Part 2

Originally published in Positive Feedback  Issue 32, 2007 by Roger Gordon Your listening room, according to the experts, contributes at least half of the sound [...]

Room Treatments, Part 22021-10-19T14:54:59-07:00

Your Room: The Final Link

Originally published in IAR Hotline! Issue 39, 1985 by J. Peter Moncrieff There's a special joy and excitement in pursuing the audiophile hobby. And this [...]

Your Room: The Final Link2021-06-30T13:01:21-07:00

Optimizing ASC Tube Traps

We're pleased to see the worldwide acceptance that Tube Traps have gained, in the four years since IAR's pioneering review (see Hotlines 39 & 40). [...]

Optimizing ASC Tube Traps2021-07-01T10:27:19-07:00

The ABCs of ASC’s TubeTraps

Originally Published from www.audiophilia.com July 1998 by Jon T. Gale While I have always taken pride in my open mind when it comes to things [...]

The ABCs of ASC’s TubeTraps2021-07-26T10:41:09-07:00

ASC Tube Traps Creating A Listening Studio

Originally published in The Abso!ute Sound Issue 112, 1998 by Ann Turner We come equipped with ears that connect to a brain - a combination act [...]

ASC Tube Traps Creating A Listening Studio2021-07-01T10:16:51-07:00

ASC TubeTraps

Originally published in AudioRevolution.com August 2001 by Bryan Southard Introduction Acoustic Sciences Corporation, more commonly known as ASC, has been manufacturing acoustic room treatment devices [...]

ASC TubeTraps2021-06-30T13:03:18-07:00

Acoustic Sciences Corporation Studio Traps

Originally published in Stereophile.com December 1998 by Jonathan Scull  Over time I've successfully used a variety of tuning devices to refine the acoustics in Kathleen's [...]

Acoustic Sciences Corporation Studio Traps2021-10-21T09:32:47-07:00

Unlocking the Best Audio Performance From Your System

Originally published in Audio Video Interiors in Home Theater Magazine Unlocking The Best February/October 2008 issues by Gary Altunian. Contributions from Art Noxon "The dimensions, [...]

Unlocking the Best Audio Performance From Your System2021-06-30T12:57:50-07:00
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