Announcing a Cure for Reflectophobia

By Arthur Noxon. Originally published in Audio Media Magazine, October 2003 This debilitating mental condition was first reported in an AES paper in the early [...]

Announcing a Cure for Reflectophobia2021-07-28T10:20:55-07:00

Creating Authentic Vocal Tracks

By Arthur Noxon. Originally published in Oregon Film & Video Magazine One of the many aspects of film production involves visual/sonic continuity. The eyes can [...]

Creating Authentic Vocal Tracks2021-07-28T09:31:18-07:00

Why Audiophiles Need to Care About Room Acoustics

author: Art Noxon, PE Audiophiles are dedicated to the improvement and refinement in the quality of the sound they hear from their sound systems. They [...]

Why Audiophiles Need to Care About Room Acoustics2021-07-12T09:26:02-07:00

Subwoofers: Source of Noise Pollution

The home theater subwoofer can become a neighborhood noise pollution problem. You’ll know if you get phone calls that interrupt your late night movies. Lawnmowers [...]

Subwoofers: Source of Noise Pollution2021-07-12T09:32:19-07:00

The Many Voices of NRC

Why All Ratings Are Not the Same —Arthur Noxon, P.E. This article appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of Interior Construction. Download Voices-of-NRC PDF High [...]

The Many Voices of NRC2021-07-12T09:37:36-07:00

History of Sound Fusion Recording

In the early days of recording, it was all about making live mono recordings of acoustic bands, a bunch of mics wired direct to tape. [...]

History of Sound Fusion Recording2021-07-12T09:39:40-07:00

Modes, Modes and More Modes

Most people who read a lot, maybe even, read a little too much, begin to design their home theater by trying to figure out what [...]

Modes, Modes and More Modes2021-07-12T09:43:07-07:00

Room Acoustics: Audio’s Final Frontier

The Absolute Sound Roundtable Reprinted from The Abso!ute Sound magazine Oct/Nov, 2004 Robert Harley moderates a discussion on room acoustics, equalization, and DSP-based room correction [...]

Room Acoustics: Audio’s Final Frontier2021-07-12T09:44:15-07:00

Auditorium Acoustics 104

When working with an acoustician in the design or renovation of a hall it is helpful for all to have an understanding of the basic [...]

Auditorium Acoustics 1042021-07-12T09:48:21-07:00
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