What is MTF for sound?

The sonic MTF is how the clarity of sound or intelligibility of speech is physically measured. A similar system exists for measuring the clarity of [...]

What is MTF for sound?2021-12-16T10:33:21-08:00

Ever wonder what to do about Sub Bass Energy?

Sub bass is the frequency range the subwoofer make, typically below 45 Hz. It’s pretty difficult to buy bass traps large enough to absorb [...]

Ever wonder what to do about Sub Bass Energy?2022-02-08T11:19:10-08:00

A Sonic Sculptured Listening Room

One time I was asked to dial in a huge HiFi demo room at a high-end audio show in Newport, CA without using TubeTraps. The [...]

A Sonic Sculptured Listening Room2022-02-07T09:15:04-08:00

What is Sonic Shimmer?

Let's ask ourselves, What is Sonic Shimmer? When it comes to measurement or assessment tools in acoustics, we have a problem when the tools [...]

What is Sonic Shimmer?2022-02-08T09:38:20-08:00

Sonic clarity & flat frequency response

Contrary to popular belief the big problem with bass in HiFi is not lumpy bass, standing waves, room modes, hot spots and suckouts. We need [...]

Sonic clarity & flat frequency response2021-12-28T09:53:32-08:00

Acoustic Carpets

All “acoustics” are not the same. We have sound proofing and then we have sound conditioning. Sound proofing means keeping the sound in the [...]

Acoustic Carpets2023-07-26T16:07:05-07:00

Voicing the Church

There are two aspects to Church Acoustic projects. One is the acoustic material to be used and the second is the strategy for the application [...]

Voicing the Church2021-12-16T11:24:42-08:00


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