For the audiophile, "ambience" is a highly desirable acoustic quality of the listening room where sound seems to hang in the air, to have a low level [...]



Diffusion is the scattering and weakening of reflected sound. A properly diffused reflection produces a more natural sound, contributing to enhanced Ambience in a room. If an [...]


AttackWall – History

The development of the ASC AttackWall took place in two different parts of the country, by two different people, each working alone on two different [...]

AttackWall – History2020-11-12T11:44:51-08:00

California Audio Society 2019 Show

The 2019 California Audio Show was held between July 26th-28th at the Hilton Oakland Airport.  Dagogo hosted the show for its 9th year serving as [...]

California Audio Society 2019 Show2020-11-12T16:23:52-08:00

BassTrap Sound-Off: FuzzBalls vs TubeTraps

Is a bass trap nothing more than just a container of fuzz, building insulation? Many budget bass traps are essentially just that; foam blocks, containers [...]

BassTrap Sound-Off: FuzzBalls vs TubeTraps2020-11-30T14:43:26-08:00

What’s with HiFi These Days (2015)

What’s with Hi Fi these days?  Nothing much, except it’s a new generation of people who are discovering it…  It started in NYC in the [...]

What’s with HiFi These Days (2015)2020-11-12T11:44:52-08:00

Buy Subwoofers instead of Soundproofing

Dec 2014, comments submitted to Audiophile Review supporting Brent Butterworth’s article about multiple subs.  Good work Brent... There are other reasons to have multiple subs than [...]

Buy Subwoofers instead of Soundproofing2020-11-12T11:44:52-08:00

More On Early Reflections

Comment to Audiophile Review, Roger Scoff, 6/19/14, Room Acoustics,  "What gets you more, $10k ..." The diagram showing the direct, 1st reflection and reverberation as being [...]

More On Early Reflections2020-11-12T11:44:52-08:00
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