California Audio Show 2019 Gallery

The show went great and TubeTraps were on full display near check-in and in many of the demo rooms.  Scroll down to see most of the rooms with TubeTrap installations.


Acoustic Sciences Corporation TubeTrap trade show booth at CAS 2019 Isothermal basstrap plus diffuser

Our booth setup at the California Audio Show 2019...looking good!

Isothermal TubeTrap trade show booth for Acoustic Sciences

Another booth setup photo from the California Audio Show 2019...look at all the TubeTraps.

Diffuser demo at ASC trade show booth for cas 2019

On your way out the exit, be sure to grab some "Show Special" TubeTraps!

Acoustic Sciences trade show booth at CAS 2019

A very colorful TubeTrap looking booth.

California Audio Show 2019 - Listening Rooms With TubeTraps

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Selah Musica Pristina audiophile room at CAS 2019

Very well placed double-stacked TubeTraps in the Selah Audio/Musica Pristina listening room using Benchmark amplification.  Imaging was superb and bass was extremely tight.  These "Flannel" colored traps are back at the factory, available for purchase.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Aaudio Aurender Wilson Benesch Torus Ypsilon audiophile room at CAS 2019

TubeTraps work with any type of moody lighting.  The Aaudio Imports room sounded extremely lifelike, and the Torus Infrasonic Generator by Wilson Benesch provided massive low end punch.  Wilson Benesch speakers and Ypsilon amplifiers played music streamed by an Aurender server.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Aurender Constellation audiophile room at CAS 2019

Double-stacked TubeTraps in the Aurender listening room.  They developed their own speakers to showcase their top-tier music streaming & playback units, and used Constellation Audio amplification. The results were stunning.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Martin Logan CLX Doshi Berkeley Marutani audiophile room at CAS 2019

TubeTraps stacked in the front corners of the Martin Logan listening room, showcasing their new CLX electrostatic loudspeaker.  Doshi Tube amps, Berkeley Audio Design DAC, and reel-to-reel tapes provided the hardware assembled by Timothy Marutani Consulting. The purity of electrical signal delivered to the speakers was unsurpassed, and we like to think the acoustic signal delivered to the listener was equally pure.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Margules turntable audiophile room at CAS 2019

A full complement of TubeTraps in the fantastic Margules Audio listening room.  Their speakers delivered as much punch and warmth as speakers 5 times their size, and the sound stage was as close to reality as can be imagined.  The entire signal path, from turntable to loudspeaker, was Margules designed and conditioned to provide perfect phase coherence. The room acoustics were tailored to maintain this precision.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Bricasti Tidal Contriva audiophile room at CAS 2019

Bricasti Design always uses our TubeTraps in their listening room.  They appreciate the importance of controlling reflections and resonances in order to allow their world-class amplifiers and DAC to sing correctly.  The Tidal Contriva speakers sounded as beautiful as they looked.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Unisinger AMR Ifi audiophile room at CAS 2019

The tiered stacks of TubeTraps in the front corners of the Unisinger room permitted these "point source" style loudspeakers to exhibit a sound stage so lifelike, every seat in the room was a sweet spot!  AMR amplifiers and Ifi music streaming/DAC completed the impressive system.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in SoundLab Bricasti audiophile room at CAS 2019

The SoundLab room showed off the ultimate audiophile electrostatic speakers: the Majestic M645.  Bricasti again provided the DAC and amplification.  TubeTrap placement at the rear convergence point (with proper outward splay of the built-in poly diffuser) got rid of the unwanted portion of the back wave while broadening the sound stage without deadening the room.  The results were breathtaking.

TubeTrap basstrap on display in Bernhagen Porter Marchand Bricasti audiophile room at CAS 2019

Bernhagen-Porter loudspeaker listening room...the new kids on the block. Marchand Triod amplification and Bricasti DAC completed the electronic signal path. We were fortunate enough to be able to show off a two-tone double stack of TubeTraps in their front corners.
The bass was deep and tight, with graceful dynamics and warmth.