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Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 1

To establish a reference baseline for the following discussion of Hi-fi listening, it is helpful to skim an article published in Stereophile: The View [...]

Development of a Hi-fi Room pt. 12023-03-24T11:54:44-07:00

Anti-Mode, Anti-Cancel Sub Setup

This week's discussion continues our quest to find the optimal placement for the subwoofer. We are using a hypothetical room with typical dimensions, in [...]

Anti-Mode, Anti-Cancel Sub Setup2023-03-17T11:35:33-07:00


ASC's MATT Audio Test


Resonant Modes and Sound Cancellation

Way back in 2022, we began a discussion about subwoofer placement in this newsletter issue. This week we pick up where we left off [...]

Resonant Modes and Sound Cancellation2023-03-10T12:05:40-08:00

Overcoming Wall Shudder

By now, most of us know how bad for your listening experience excessive reflections and bass buildup in the room can be. Have you [...]

Overcoming Wall Shudder2023-03-08T11:20:35-08:00

And Now… TubeTraps

At ASC, we do not focus on overall RT60 reduction or fixing your room's frequency response curve. To us, the music is what matters [...]

And Now… TubeTraps2023-02-24T11:57:30-08:00

Circuit Analysis for TubeTraps

This week we see some of the science behind your favorite bass trap. Strap on your Electrical Engineering cap and enjoy this excerpt from [...]

Circuit Analysis for TubeTraps2023-02-17T11:57:17-08:00

Lets Talk About Sound Masking

Enjoy this excerpt from the comprehensive white paper on TubeTraps written by Art Noxon, PE Acoustical The best sound masking sound is a sound that sounds [...]

Lets Talk About Sound Masking2023-02-10T12:02:38-08:00

Hifi AttackWall

If you thought the AttackWall was only for studio use, this week's newsletter is for you. Take advantage of "acoustic shadow casting" to the [...]

Hifi AttackWall2023-02-03T11:41:44-08:00

Stereo Imaging Audio

Stereo imaging in audio is always an interesting topic amongst audiophiles. Join us this week as we are happy to share a snippet from [...]

Stereo Imaging Audio2023-01-27T11:37:08-08:00


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