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ASC’s Early Days: the 1980’s

Ah, the old times, ASC's Early Days: the 1980's. Sometimes it is good to remember. Sometimes to learn, sometimes to grimace, and sometimes to simply [...]

ASC’s Early Days: the 1980’s2022-02-21T10:53:53-08:00

When Space is a Premium

ASC's AcousticSoffit: Wall Panel, Bass Trap, and Lateral Diffuser in One! Some audio playback rooms can really benefit from bass traps in the high-pressure corners. [...]

When Space is a Premium2022-02-10T10:23:49-08:00

Get That HiFi Sound…with That Built-In Look

To You, Room Sound is Always Important! If you did not value the sound quality in your listening or studio room, you would not be [...]

Get That HiFi Sound…with That Built-In Look2022-02-21T10:44:15-08:00

Dissatisfying Sound that Needs Improvement

Sometimes, Things Could be Better I think we can all agree that dissatisfying sound that needs improvement needs to be addressed. It would be great [...]

Dissatisfying Sound that Needs Improvement2022-01-06T11:09:12-08:00

Quality In your life & your sound

It's All About Quality In Your Life & Your Sound. Why do we spend hours perusing the magazines, forums, and YouTube reviews to find golden [...]

Quality In your life & your sound2022-01-05T12:25:13-08:00

HiFi Rooms: The Three Stages of Acoustic Upgrade

Breaking Acoustic Upgrades into Stages Let's talk about HiFi Rooms: the three stages of acoustic upgrade. For some, the prospect of adding acoustic control devices [...]

HiFi Rooms: The Three Stages of Acoustic Upgrade2022-01-06T11:12:45-08:00

Why Sonic Clarity is Important

Clarity vs. Frequency Response Many of us know how to measure the frequency response of our audio playback systems thanks to various software packages available [...]

Why Sonic Clarity is Important2022-02-21T10:00:21-08:00

ASC Newsletter

Whether you’re an audiophile, studio engineer or just into acoustics, the ASC Newsletter has you covered by delivering interesting, relevant and proven technical [...]

ASC Newsletter2022-06-01T09:27:00-07:00

Control Your Exposure by Watching Your Dose

A few of you may have "dosage" on the mind in these times, for reasons we will not elaborate upon (Musical acoustics is all [...]

Control Your Exposure by Watching Your Dose2021-12-09T09:47:20-08:00

Product Categories

Product Categories from ASC In high power audio applications, the interior surface of the room can no longer be used as [...]

Product Categories2022-02-08T11:31:28-08:00


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