Recording, Mixing & Mastering

ASC has 25+ years of experience building hundreds of studio acoustic packages, large and small. Take the room out of the equation for accurate recording and production. We specialize in solutions for mixing, recording, and post-production, serving to such heavyweights as Bruce Swedien, Pete Townshend, and Sting.





“The more of these traps I get...the better things sound and the quicker my workflow is. I only wish I would have had the chance to hear this stuff earlier on in my career, because I would have invested in this before anything.” Dylan Fant,
1 Shot Studio

“...the addition of AttackWall system, combined with the WallDamp material from ASC has made it possible and affordable for my small project studio to produce professional quality recordings without having to break my bank account...” Kenneth Begun,
Vision Recordings

“TubeTraps turned Sigma's Control Room 2 from a disaster into a room that our clients and staff both love, and saved us big bucks in a planned rebuild. I highly recommend them.” Joe Tarsia,
Sigma Sound Studios