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Guilford 701 Swatches

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Full 1 year warranty on factory workmanship.
30 day 100% Personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

Download Price List. See Fabric swatches for colors.



Full Rounds* Sized up to:2′3′4′5′6′7′8′
9″ (110 Hz)$380$472$498For Long TubeTraps, please call for availability and price.
11″ (90 Hz)$386$488$512
13″ (70 Hz)$462$518$542
16″ (55 Hz)$594$648$688
20″ (40 Hz)$718$764$854
24″ (25 Hz)$859$918$1046
 (ship via truck freight) 
Half Rounds*2′3′4′5′6′7′8′
9″ (110 Hz)$408$435$491$597$694$750$782
11″ (90 Hz)$440$468$521$622$694$759$812
13″ (70 Hz)$510$538$600$718$753$814$921
16″ (55 Hz)$592$639$686$797$866$934$1003
20″ (40 Hz)$656$714$771$886$969$1020$1101
24″ (25 Hz)$729$777$846$953$1036$1121$1239
  (ship via truck freight)
Quarter Rounds*2′3′4′5′6′7′8′
9″ (110 Hz)$413$435$507$597$688$750$793
11″ (90 Hz)$442$472$525$645$709$769$816
13″ (70 Hz)$507$547$622$723$758$820$921
16″ (55 Hz)$592$654$694$797$866$934$1003
20″ (40 Hz)$656$724$782$883$975$1026$1103
24″ (25 Hz)$729$798$868$953$1036$1121$1240
  (ship via truck freight)
SuperTrapsTubeTrap + 20%
Helmholtz TrapsTubeTrap + 25%
MonitorStandsTubeTrap + 30%
TowerTrap (45 Hz) 14.5″ Square$411$411$575$685$890$959$1096
SuperTower (30 Hz) 18″ Square$603$603$805$1006$1308$1408$1609

*Standard 3' and 4' Full Rounds come oversized by 1/2″ to 3/4″ in height. All of our round TubeTrap products are also ~3/8″ oversize in diameter. Custom lengths are built within 1/8″ tolerance.

Half and Quarter Rounds have treble diffusers that are stock centered but can be offset to one side if specified when placing the order.

Specialty Wall Panels

SoundPanel (190 Hz) 2″x 8″x 48″ Framed$698/set of 8 or $109 ea
SoundPlank (190 Hz) 2″x 6″x 60″$698/set of 8 or $109 ea
MatrixPanel (160 Hz) 3" x 24" x 48″ Oak Frame$522
CinemaPanel (190 Hz) 2″ x 12″ x 48″$798/set of 8 or $119 ea
PicturePanel (190 Hz) 2″ x 24" x 36"$473

(XP Kit per standard Wall Panel: $37)

(Optional Screw Install Kit: $20)

Specialty Traps

9" StudioTraps (Sold (2) per Box)$499/ea
Acoustic Soffit (40 Hz)  standard section size: 10″ x 16" x 24″ $208
Planar Trap 15" x 60"$295
18″ SubTrap (50 Hz) Standard, most Subwoofers$469
CoolTrap (110 Hz) 12"x 12" (16 per box)Call
22″ SubTrap (30 Hz) Large Subwoofer$586
PanelTrap (45 Hz) 2″ x 16″ x 60" with track$26/foot


Stereophile Test CD II$30
ASC MATT & Acoustic Test CD$19
Consulting, Analysis and Design SevicesCall
MATT Test Analysis$50 + $25/test
Optical Alignment Kit$19

SoundProofing and Sound Conditioning

WallDamp Squares 4″ x 4″ x 1/20″ (25 per bundle)$34
WallDamp Strips 1.5″ x 48″ x 1/20″ (100 lf per bundle)$126
WallDamp Strips 1″ x 48″ x 1/20″ (100 lf per bundle)$105
RC Pads 1.5″ x 3.5″ 1/20″ (25 per bundle)$15
Bearing Felt, self adhesive roll, 1.5″ x 1/4″ x 25′ (25 lf)$116
dRC-1 6′x1/2″ resilient channel w/Damping (60 lf per bundle)$112
dRC-2 6′x1/2″ resilient channel w/Damping (60 lf per bundle)$135
Gasket 1/2″ x 2″ x 60″ (25 lf per bundle)$18
Acoustic Sealant (seals joints) large 29 oz. tube$14
Panel Adhesive (glues gaskets) 10.5 oz. tube$4
Wall Wool 1″ x 2′ x 25′ roll$265
ISO Floor Squares 2′ x 2′ x 1″ (price each)$48
Soundproof Door Kit with Threshold$319
WallDamp Install Mallet$21
CablePassThru Kit (set of 2 wallplates)$427





Production Time

All Products handbuilt to order in U.S. Production time is typically 3 to 4 weeks.


Full 1 year warranty on factory workmanship. 30 day 100% personal satisfaction guarantee.

Fabric Choices

5 Stock Colors: Quartz (380), Silver Papier (538), Grey Mix (238), Medium Grey (298), and Black (408). Call for pricing on other Guilford 701 series fabrics. We use 701 due to it's acoustic transparency in the audio frequency range. See our fabric swatches for stock and special colors.

Custom Sizes

Custom Sizes: Price is rounded to the next larger size. For example, a TubeTrap ordered at 25″ length is priced at the 3′ price level.

Fractional Rounds

Quarter-Rounds and Half-Round traps will have their diffuser strips centered unless otherwise specified as "Offset". There is no additional charge for Offset Reflectors.


All trap endcaps are finished in textured black lacquer.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping and handling charges are additional unless specified. Products longer than 4 ft. generally do not ship via UPS. Larger products ship truck freight only.

All orders are to be paid in full before shipment. Personal/ company check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover accepted.

Large Orders
Rush Shipments

Are subject to an additional 10%.


Product returns are not accepted for any reason without a Return Authorization Number (RAN) written on the shipping carton. Call ASC at 1-800-343-9727 for a RAN.

Returned products must be packaged properly with original packaging and INSURED FOR FULL RETAIL VALUE against damage in shipment. We recommend using a package shipping company for best results, especially if packing materials have been discarded.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees will be paid by the consumer.

Design Center

For access to the ASC Design Center and the many other products we make, call 1-800-ASC-TUBE.


Prices subject to change without notice.