Acoustic Soffit

With hundreds of hours of real world testing, ASC’s engineering and product development technicians have produced the best acoustic soffit available anywhere. Architects and Acoustical Engineers have known for hundreds of years that a soffit is an excellent sound diffuser. ASC improved upon this concept by including broadband absorption and laterally tuned diffusion.

Superior Broadband Acoustic Control

Acoustic Soffit

When only the best will do, discriminating home theater builders insist on ASC’s Acoustic Soffit System as part of their acoustic treatment package. This is a custom engineered product, sized specifically to make a room sound it’s best. ASC takes all the guesswork out of the equation by running the calculations necessary for the perfect balance of absorption/diffusion. In a nutshell, you will hear much more sonic detail produced by your speakers, instead of fuzzy echoes. Plus, the soffit can be part of the existing architecture, or not, depending on your desire. The ASC Acoustic Soffit is a one-stop acoustic treatment that in many cases will be all you need.


All Soffits are built to order, allowing a perfect fit in any size room.  Soffits can be built in custom depths and heights to match existing architecture, or to accommodate HVAC ducts or low-voltage electrical wiring.  Custom 3-sided pieces can be built to complete a run of Soffit when obstacles prevent a full perimeter Soffit from being installed.

For a small extra fee, choose from custom fabric colors by Guilford of Maine to match your specific needs.



Absorption Coefficients

(testing done in-house by ASC)

63Hz 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz
0.81 1.10 1.07 1.03 1.01 1.00



Acoustic Soffit (55 Hz rolloff)  standard section size: 10″ x 16" x 24″ $208



  • Home Theaters
  • High End Listening Rooms
  • Post Production / Mixing Suites
  • Conference Rooms